Firewire to usb

  selrach 22:52 04 Apr 2003

I know there might be howls out there - ouch. But - does anyone know if you can get an adapter to change the firewire cable to usb to fit a usb connection. Its for an external tdk writer/burner

  DieSse 23:10 04 Apr 2003

Just fit a USB card - two or four ports - cheap and easy.

  sil_ver 23:10 04 Apr 2003

Any help? click here

  DieSse 23:13 04 Apr 2003

Or a firewire card (it's difficult to tell which you need from the question).

  selrach 12:52 05 Apr 2003

I have a compaq laptop. The laptob has a usb connection which does not fit the cable from the external cd writer.The cd writer has a firewire cable. Can I get an adapter cable to go between the laptop and the sriter?
sorry to be a pest

  Belatucadrus 13:17 05 Apr 2003

I've never seen a USB/Firewire adapter, I think you're going to need to use a PCMCIA card like click here

  Belatucadrus 13:20 05 Apr 2003

click here found a cheaper one.

  selrach 12:53 12 Apr 2003

Many thanks to Belatucadrus for the brilliant suggestion. Once I got the card, installed the drivers the whole system worked perfectly. Manages to get the part on the net a lot cheaper than at home in fact 75% cheaper thanin the shops

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