Firewire problem

  Skinn 21:18 14 Feb 2009

In order to 'capture' mini DV footage onto my PC, the camcorder has to be connected via Firewire.

I first fitted a Firewire 4 Port PCI Card two years ago and it seemed to work then. On attempting to use it yesterday, I had to unplug and then replug the firewire cable in to the firewire port in order for the PC to 'find' it. I though that was it bur had to do the same thing again today.

Does anyone why this is happening and how to rectify it? The Firewire is a Safecom Firewire IEEE1394a internal PCI card.

  Technotiger 21:30 14 Feb 2009

Try removing and then re-seating the PCI card, it may just be build-up of dust (even though you can't see it) on the contacts, make sure of a good fit.

  Skinn 22:31 15 Feb 2009


Went on to the manufacturer's website and there is no driver or firmware available for this firewire

Here's the URL click here

Does anyone have a solution to this?

  eedcam 05:43 16 Feb 2009

In order for the pc to find what .It never finds the firewire only whats atached to it .Correct and safe method is with pc OFF and Camcorder OFF connect the cable and the Cam then switch the pc on then the cam and the pc should see the cam .Any other way might work but you risk frying the setup

  Technotiger 09:22 16 Feb 2009

I have used Firewire to connect my digital camcorder to my PC on numerous occasion, I have never switched anything off in order to do so. I just connect the cable to the Firewire Port on the back of the PC and connect the camera. The camera then appears in My Computer.

As eedcam says, you will not see actually see the Firewire Port/Cable until your camera is attached - just like the fact that you cannot see USB ports, but you can see what ever is attached to the USB ports.

  Technotiger 09:31 16 Feb 2009

I switch the camera on After connecting the cable to the running PC - a camera icon then appears in My Computer.

  Technotiger 09:39 16 Feb 2009

To re-assure myself and to confirm what I am saying, I have just this moment connected my digital camcorder as explained above - the icon duly appeared in My Computer and when I click on that Icon, I can see the picture from my camcorder.

Also, if I wished to, I could now use the camera on Skype, in place of my normal webcam!

  Skinn 15:57 16 Feb 2009

Thanks for all of the replies. I have tried all of the above and the only way the camera is 'found' by the PC is by unplugging the firewire cable from the back of the PC and reinserting it. This is a nuisance as my PC is on a large desk against the wall ans durely I shouldn't have to do this?

Any other suggestions?

  Skinn 16:22 16 Feb 2009


Just uninstalled the firewire card and then allowed XP to reinstall it but has made no difference.

  PO79 16:31 16 Feb 2009

If you can try putting the card in a different PCI slot.

  Technotiger 19:33 16 Feb 2009

If a different PCI slot does not make any difference, as suggested by PO79, the only other thing I can think of is, either a faulty PCI Card or faulty Firewire cable.

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