Firewire and PCI card

  woodchip 21:32 23 Oct 2006

Anybody got some Idea of what I am doing wrong with this Front Hub that Connects to a PCI comby card.

Only with the Firewire, my JVC DV camcorder will work OK if plugged direct into the Firewire port on the PCI card. Hear is what I havbe done the Firewire on the Hub did not have a Firewire Plug to fit into the Socket on the PCI card. it had separate plugs to fit on Firewire Header pind on a MOBO. So I got a Firewire Plug from Maplin and six core wire. Only used about three inches to connect to the plug and fitted pins on the end so that I could just push the plugs on. I downloaded Firewire Connection pin out also I checked for Power+ and Ground wire on my XP Desktop. As these are the main one, If I got those wrong the whole shebang goes BANG. Pin1 is 12 Volts+ Pin2 is Ground. the other wires are as I fitted

Pin3 TPB-

Pin5 TPA-

Pin4 TPB+

Pin6 TPA+

I have check these out after plugging on to them that I get a reading from the Firewire Socket pins to the Socket pins that go into the card. But it will not see the Camcorder from this Hub.

Am I missing something out.

PS the Comby Card is a

SATA port


1/ Firewire

3/ USB2

and Audio all are working on a Win98se Comp including USB2. As above the Firewire Does Work if I plug the Camcorder cable direct into the Card with the Comp Side Removed.

  woodchip 21:34 23 Oct 2006

Although Pins 3, 4, 5, 6, are Pos Neg they are only Signal wires. But according to the Data these should be connected right

  De Marcus™ 21:40 23 Oct 2006

Which model PCI card woodchip?

  woodchip 21:47 23 Oct 2006

One from Maplin, As above the Card works OK on all, including Firewire, It only from the front Drive bay Hub that it does not work. Although as I said after Making up the last bit with the Firewire Plug on it that it does not work from the Hub although I have check the connections Ene to End with Meter. Card is

A NO Name that I can see only thing it says isUSB2.0+Firewire+ATA+PATA Combo

I am Running this in a Win98se computer, and as above all works as it should direct from card, and alll bar Firewire Works From Front Bay 5-1/2" Hub All drivers have been loaded for both items

  ed-0 21:49 23 Oct 2006

This one click here click here

Does it have a seperate power connector on the card?

  ed-0 21:52 23 Oct 2006

Should have been a question:-

This one?

  woodchip 22:05 23 Oct 2006

Hi ed-0 no nether of those, Forgot to add it is also a Card Reader all working exept the firewire from the front bay

  woodchip 22:08 23 Oct 2006


Just looked there is a Number bottom corner of the box it came in


Sata as a Power Cable also, Via chipset. The internal USB and Firewire Sockets are set at an Angle

  woodchip 22:11 23 Oct 2006

I think this is the Maplin Code but is a Clearance Line

A72BB Hear but will not show big picture click here

  woodchip 22:19 23 Oct 2006

Looks a bit like this but at the back it as 3 USB and two Firewire. Problem is I wanted to us the front bay one if I can get it working. But if you look how the USB sockets are mounted on this card you will see what I mean. click here

  woodchip 22:29 23 Oct 2006

This is the one click here

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