Is Firewire old hat yet!

  wee eddie 19:34 01 May 2003

How long do you all think that Firewire is going to be a useful port.

In other words. For how long do you think Firewire ports will be built into new computers.

I am looking for a back-up solution and if it is going to be any use it has to be compatable with my next generation of computers.

e.g. I hope that I will not have to replace either of my current machines for a good couple of years yet!

  Big Elf 19:43 01 May 2003

Likewise I'm considering an additional external back-up medium but am gravitating towards USB2 as I think this will continue to be supported and developed over the years. Going by the way USB has developed it's likely that, for example, USB7 will be backwards compatible with USB2. After saying that in 5 years we may be looking at multi-terabyte storage units that bears no relation to existing storage mediums.

  barrie_g 20:02 01 May 2003

I would tend to agree with Big Elf if your looking for security in that it will be available in the next few years I would tend to go with USB2, as Firewire does not seem to be catching on in quite the same way and it would not surprise me that in the next few years it suddenly became harder to get hold of.

  interzone55 20:37 01 May 2003

Firewire2 is about to hit the streets, this will be faster than USB2.
Many external hard drives have both USB2 & Firewire ports, so maybe you could look into one of those, just to be on the safe side.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 00:31 02 May 2003

I use USB 1.1 for doing 1Gb backups and it is plenty fast enough. All this 'future proof' talk is really only hype designed to extract moolah out of the grasp of the unwary. Speed of data transfer is NOT a problem unless you are backing up 100GBs from a network. Firewire and USB2 are only applicable to video file downloads. If you are doing these at home then speed matters not. In business firewire and USB2 would be the least of your considerations.


  wee eddie 11:26 19 May 2003

I hope that the Maxtor 5000, combined USB & Firewire drive will do the trick and take care of my backups for the next 4 years or so.

  MartinT-B 11:46 19 May 2003

Firewire was yet another Apple invention (like windows and many many others)

It should be called firewire 400 and it's transfer rate is 400mbps as opposed to usb1.1 which is 12mbps!

USB2 is 480mbps, but guess what, Apple have already introduced firewire 800 (800mbps) on the Powerbook G4.

USB2 only really works effectively over short (5 metre) distances. Apple are already working on a way to get their Firewire working over distances of 100 metres or more. This is not so useful for homes atm, but for companies in the entertainment business (think rock concert or TV outside broadcast, and the wiring they need to carry all sorts of information).

  MartinT-B 11:51 19 May 2003


One lastthing - V important.

USB can only carry about 2.5W, enough to power a mouse or a KB.

Firewire is 45W so you can plug in a HDD or a DVD etc. with only 1 wire :)

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