Firewire not regonised

  jukebox 13:45 28 Apr 2003

I have just installed a pci firewire port to my Packard bell Pc (windows XP)to use with Creative J/box 3. When it would not work, I checked the Device Manager, but could find no reference to IEEE 1394. Jukebox is only new and works fine via USB. Anyone help?

  jazzypop 18:23 28 Apr 2003

Look under Network Adaptors, 1394 Adaptor.

XP recognises that Firewire can be used for networking, so lists it as a network interface.

If it is not there, physically remove the card and try it in a different PCI slot.

As a general observation, this sort of query is better posted in the Helproom, rather than ConsumerWatch.

  jukebox 22:05 28 Apr 2003

Thanks for the reply

This was my first journey inside my computer and maybe I was a bit too cautious. After re-seating the card it now seems to be working fine.
Thanks again

  Altair 22:34 28 Apr 2003

My Firewire purchase advised me to keep the pci card as far away from the graphics card as it could cause probs.

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