Firewire (iEEE 1394) cable problem

  Liza 02:22 02 Mar 2007

I cannot get my camcorder to upload videos to my pc. I have 2 cables one with the same size plugs for both ends and one with a large plug on one end and a small one on the other. I use the cable with small plugs to connect my laptop. Thinking there was something wrong with my desktop I tried the laptop. No camcorder icon appears on pc nor does capture work. Somehow the USB driver which I never used before will neither play ball. Help please I cannot edit my videos. Liza

  skidzy 06:54 02 Mar 2007

Have you loaded your camcorder software ? you will need some burning package.

Check device manager for any yellow exclaimation marks.

Windows key+ Pausebreak/hardware/Device manager.

If a yellow exclaimation mark,right click and uninstall and reboot.XP will reinstall the drivers.

  eedcam 08:47 02 Mar 2007

Liza can you give some more info your heading refers to Firewire and then you mention usb which is it . If your camcorder is Mini -dv then it should be firewire. There is no software required only an installed firewire card and a cable. Assuming that is what you have then with both the pc and camcorder off connect the cable.\switch on the pc and then the camcorder with playback selected the pc should beep tellig you its found new hardwareand asking which programme you want to open with.If you have no editing software installed you will still have at least windows movie maker.
To check you have a firewire card installed look indevice manager it is not unknown to have the sockets but not the card. Do not attempt to conect with the equipment on.Let us know how you fare

  leedaz 09:00 02 Mar 2007

I think you need an external power supply for 4 pin firewire, but not for 6 pin, have you plugged your camcorder in to the mains ?

  Liza 17:13 02 Mar 2007

Hello eedcam, skidzy and leedaz
Thanks for your help.My camcorder DCR-PC1 1OE is a digital handycam. It has a in/out firewire socket and usb socket. It came with a cable and driver for usb. Firewire cable was optional. This was in 2001 when firewire was new and boasting a 400 mbps so I used firewire all this time and never installed the usb driver but firewire is now kaput I think. I went into googles and they put me into similar cases where you felt men crying because they couldnt use firewire. They asked was it like Apple ipod going down the swaney because usb2 was soon upping to 480 mbps. Nobody in there seemed to have a solution. Do you think my sony camcorder is no longer capable. I did what you said to do but it didnt work. There was no card when I bought firewire. There is an outdated software MGI videowave SEIII disk for firwire and spvd-002 usb driver Ver 5.2 disk.Both computers dont want to know because not XP but 98.Liza

  eedcam 18:12 02 Mar 2007

Sorry Liza assumed you had XP as far as I know 98 does'nt support firewire without some other software not sure though. Dont think the camcorder should be ay fault the cable yes .may I suggest you post on this forumclick here
State you have windows at the start I'm sure they will have a solution good luck

  eedcam 18:14 02 Mar 2007

Sorry missed out the 98

  Liza 19:14 02 Mar 2007

Hello eedcam

I am sorry my english is not good enough. My computers are XP SP2. But the software disks are for 98, ME, 2000. The firewire MGI disk took ages to install on my XP computers but when I tried to capture video nothing would happen. The usb driver disk would not respond at all. Liza

  tullie 19:18 02 Mar 2007

my digicam connects by way of usb not firewire

  woodchip 19:29 02 Mar 2007

When you are connected with the cable, you have to open a Video Edit Program Like Free MovieMaker The program may need setting in properties to see Firewire. You then capture from Camcorder. They do not show as with a Digital camera

  Liza 22:41 02 Mar 2007

Hello tullie, woodchip, eedcam

I asked Microsoft for support and this is what I saw at knowledge base or whatever:
"Cannot Record, Control, or Play Digital Video Properly with 1394 FireWire
View products that this article applies to.
Article ID
: 252185
Last Review : January 27, 2007
Revision : 2.1

This happens they say when people use recorders too often and they go on to say they have hotfixes at a price. I do lots of videos for my family and edit them on Ulead video v10. Only about 2 weeks ago or so the camcorder was ok. Liza

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