Firewire Help needed

  hootsmun 23:07 24 Sep 2006

HI just bought a new PC from MESH, Elite2 E6300.

Have been trying to connect my dv camcorder to it via firewire but getting no where.

There is a firewire port on the front of the machine but when I look in device manager I cannot see any IEEE1394 Bus Host Controller.

Am I missing something here?, is the port on the front not connected, or does this sound like there isn't a firewire card in the machine???

Thanks for any help.


  ade.h 23:20 24 Sep 2006

The header may not be utilised, but there is one way to find out: open the side panel and take a peak.

What is odd is the lack of DM entry; I keep the 1394 header disconnected on one of my PCs and the host controller still shows - as it should - in DM.

Is it possible that you need to install it from the driver CD? Or even - given the use of generic cases - that your model does not actually have 1394.

I assume that it doesn't appear in Network Connections?

  wee eddie 08:43 25 Sep 2006

When you ordered it.

Did you check this Option?

If not the socket will be there, as part of the Standard Construction, but it will not be enabled.

  hootsmun 11:03 25 Sep 2006

No I didn't check the option on ordering - only just saw it now - doh!

How do I enable it now?

Will I need a Firewire card or is it a case of just installing drivers? how do I tell?

The firewire port is right next to two USB ports on the front.


  De Marcus™ 11:27 25 Sep 2006

You'll need to open the case to ascertain whether the firewire port on the front uses headers to connect or a firewire cable. If the front port uses headers, you'll need a firewire card which has internal header pins for connection, if it uses a straight forward firewire cable, then a firewire card with an internal firwire connection is what's required.

If you not too concerned about connecting the front up, a plain jane pci firewire card will do amply, but you'll be forever reaching round the back unless you leave the cable plugged in and just remove the device as and when necessary.

  jack 12:20 25 Sep 2006

This looks as if as already explained the front FW socket is not enabled - the cheapest/easiest solution therefore is the PCI card with the rear facing sockets, and extension lead and a knob of blue-tack to fix the socket end to any convenient position.
I have several from my rear cards [both FW and USB] dotted around the top of my tower

  hootsmun 12:50 25 Sep 2006

Thanks for all your replies, after a bit of digging looks like there isn't a PCI card installed as wee eddie pointed out - optional extra.

Not having done this before, is installing the PCI firewire card straight forward (anyone have anylinks showing how to do this?) doesn't phase me doing it but never done it before and so any explanation/tips appreciated.

Thanks again.


  jack 19:56 26 Sep 2006

Installing a PCI card[for any use] is a simple as
1. take side cover off machine[Assuming it is a tower]
2. locate the PCI slots- creamy coloured many pins at rear of board with a blacking plate.
decide which slot you are using - break out the plate[there may be a screw to come out ]
take PCI card and inserting the back of the card the end with the plate first into the slot carefully but firmly push the rest of the card down until the back plate locates. insert the screw to secure it.
Job done

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