firewire for expresscard /54

  usernut 04:43 07 Mar 2009

Hi I have a expresscard /54 slot and I need a firewire card, would an expresscard /34 firewire card work in it or would it have to be /54 card?

  radi8or 06:54 07 Mar 2009


According to click here_(i.Link)_Express_Card/product_info.html shouldn't be a problem

  radi8or 06:55 07 Mar 2009


click here_(i.Link)_Express_Card/product_info.html

  radi8or 07:04 07 Mar 2009

sorry usernut can't seem to get clicky to work but go to and search for 2 port Firewire Express Card

  ambra4 07:39 07 Mar 2009

2 Port Firewire Express Card

click here_(i.Link)_Express_Card/product_info.html

  ambra4 07:40 07 Mar 2009
  usernut 18:34 07 Mar 2009

thanks, that link page was what made me ask the question in the first place, just wanted to check. thanks

  loser7 21:01 04 May 2010

Hello All

I have a Samsung R60plus notebook and i need a firewire card but i can not find the card i need to get.

I know i have an express card expansion slot and i think i need an L shaped card but i would like to be certain before i buy one. Also if anybody knows a cheap place to buy the card, advise would be welcome.

  loser7 21:04 04 May 2010

sorry meant to start a new thread

  johnnyrocker 21:12 04 May 2010

better off posting seperately to avoid confusion?


  northumbria61 23:10 04 May 2010

Hi usernut - this one fits both 34mm and 54mm

click here

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