Firewalls Ratings

  Chillie 17:49 17 Apr 2008

Just got this from my Windows Secrets newsletter. The link takes you to the Matousec site which details the results of their Firewall tests. Many of you will be happy to learn that Comodo is N0. 1!!

I use ZASS.

Here is the link click here

Happy reading...!!

  Ronnie268 18:31 17 Apr 2008

Great. Have just switched from ZA Free.
By the way, why is this in Helproom?

  Ronnie268 16:50 07 Jun 2008

Have tried it for six months now.

Despite persistence, I hate it's cluttered interface and have switched back to ZA Free

  Halmer 16:57 07 Jun 2008

Ended up taking it off both because it persistently asked for permission to run genuine programs. Couldn't solve it.

i havnt used a firewall on 2 pc's for over a year, eset's firewall scores very low because they only test the firewall, which is integrated into the av engine, the way they test them is assuming you use no av or other security program. the tests seem very 'honey pot' most package firewalls work with the suite as a package and work very well.
i have no idea why look and stop scores so low as you configure it yourself, which goes to show they don't really seem to understand how a firewall works and im guessing as with a lot of these tests, there's a lot of backscratching going on.
i think a nat router and 2 tier av and behavior problems and an ounce of common sense is fine.
i have yet to find anyone whos firewall has blocked a hacker or a trojan that their av didnt detect.
i suppose it's extra peace of mind for people using signature based av programs, but i don't believe there are many about these days even the free ones seem to know behavior.
i use nod 32 2.7 and threatfire on xp, avira pro on laptop, and eset smart on the vista pc, the only problem i had in over 3 years was when a multitude of freebies i was using let a trojan in and this was because i clicked where i shouldnt have and all the security programs ignored because they thought i had allowed it.
stick with what works for you.

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