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  Sapins 11:20 22 May 2004

I have been using Norton firewall for the last 4 years and yesterday the computer suddenly slowed down to M25 speed. I disabled Norton and activated XP firewall, bingo, back to full speed.

I do not understand how Norton has slowed everything down, I have not changed anything and I have deleted cookies and temporary files and defragged. I also ran a full virus scan.

I am waiting for delivery of Norton System Works 20004 + 2004 firewall. Should I send the Norton firewall back and stick with XP's version?

  Fruit Bat 11:30 22 May 2004

XP fire wall is alittle bit basic you are better sticking with Norton do not put both on together as this slows down your computer. If Norton continues to give problems Zone alarm works really well and is free click here

  mbp 11:42 22 May 2004

The XP Firewall is very basic and will provide you initial protection for any incoming intrusions but will not protect you against any out-going Trojans etc.(Unless SP2 will correct this). So your best bet is to use third party protection. Leave your present protection ON, Download the new programs BUT DO NOT INSTALL YET. Go OFF line, then Clean out the old programs. And this is where Norton's could be a little more time consuming to clean out completely. Norton's is well entrenched in your system. (This is to prevent conclicts.) I used Registry First Aid (Find via Google. Many other foums cover this topic in full as well.)

Then install your new programs.And immediately UPDATE! Highly recommended FREE programs (1)Zone Alarm, (2) Sygate (also a Firewall but use either one or the other only and disable XP's Firewall), (3) AVG an anti-virus. These are top class fully safe programs that will protect you. But layer your protection with additional software, Ad Aware, Spybot, etc, but best of all switch off the computer and put it in the closet, you're then safe.

You got a bit of work lined up for your weekend.

  spuds 11:51 22 May 2004

Agree with recommendations above.Funny this post should appear, as it would seem that a number of people are experiencing similar Norton problems.

  Sapins 12:38 22 May 2004

Hi Fruit Bat, mbp and spuds. Thanks for your replies. The difference using only XP Firewall is amazing so I will stick with it until I get the new Norton Suite and see how I get on with that, If no better then I will consider getting the free programmes mentioned.

mbp, your suggestions are particularly helpful, I will follow them closely. The weekend is taken up with DIY today then the cup final and tomorrow it's an outing with our 1953 Citroen Traction Avant. Being retired the computer can wait till Monday :-))

Thanks again for your help folks,



  mbp 13:12 22 May 2004

Sapins, it is always nice to know that I can pass on some information to someone else that might prove to be useful. It is very satisfying. Thanks for your remarks! We pensioners can still contribute in our small way.

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