Firewalls and and hacking (trojans)

  Mysticnas 21:31 14 Jan 2003
  Mysticnas 21:31 14 Jan 2003

Hey people...

I'm trying to prove to a mate that you can get trojans without downloading files and things.. and generally get hacked.

Basically he believes that you have to accept and download files to get trojan or get hacked.

This is not the case is it?

I use norton firewall 2003 professional, and it keeps coming up with alerts to say that potential attacks have been blocked, like backdoor7 etc.
You can also do a trace on the attacker too, i believe this function is only on the professional version tho.

Just as thought, what do i do with the trace details? do i report them?

It's kinda kool the way it does it, it brings up a map and traces the attacker... i think it shows the IP address and the georaphical locations too.

  hodder 21:51 14 Jan 2003

Hi there,
Not all alerts are attacks, and you don't have to download anything to get a TROJAN!!!!

You can get a TROJAN just by clicking on a button on a website that has been set-up by someone devious.

Also, the address of the "hacker" isn't allways the person that is trying to hack. They might be using somebody else's computer to do this.

Somebody else will be along very shortly that Knows infinitely more than I could ever know about this subject,

Regards, Bob.

  TECHNODIMWIT 21:53 14 Jan 2003

my brother-in-law, has been on brad band for 2 weeks without a fire wall. (personaly i think he`s unlucky) but hes been hacked to bits.
it`s taken him days to sort the mess out.

no a/v f/wall on broad band spells trouble.

i use norton internet security 2002, no probs. i agree with the likes of gandalf <I:->(hope thats right), most hits on firewall are nothing to worry about, but some are mallicious, i dont think they are after your files but it is there way of having fun. back up and be as secure as you can, i know my pc contains a load of drivel (to any one else)
but its important to me.

most hackers want corperate units not persnal pc`s
protect yourself most hackers dont bother trying to get past firewalls they look for easy targets to get there kicks


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