Firewall - Windows XP

  Jim Suter 14:04 21 Feb 2003

Can anyone tell me how good the firewall protection is that comes with Windows XP. I am thinking of installing ZoneAlarm or something similar. Would this be overkill??

  Terrahawk 14:25 21 Feb 2003

the xp firewall will do a job but a personal firewall like zone alarm will give you more control over what you allow in and what you allow out i use zone alarm and it is a great little firewall

  jazzypop 15:37 21 Feb 2003

The XP firewall is fine as far it goes, but it is only designed to block unauthorised incoming communications, i.e. to your PC.

All 3rd-party firewalls will examine comms both to and from your PC. You will have to give explicit permission before any program can communicate from your PC to anywhere else.

This alerts you to unexpected events, such as programs trying to 'phone home' - it is still up to you to decide whether they have a good reason to dial out or not.

  linguina 16:04 21 Feb 2003

I'd like to take advantage of this to ask you few questions about firewalls.
I understand what the aim of the firewall is but what is not clear to me is whether it affects the speed of the connection, specially on 56k modem
Regards to everyone,


  jazzypop 16:14 21 Feb 2003

The short answer is yes it could, but hardly so that you would notice, even on a dial-up connection.

Network data (i.e. from the Web) travels in small packets of data. The simplest analogy is that the firewall acts as the doorman (or bouncer), and the packets are like the guests trying to get into your nightclub.

The doorman inspects each guest, and decides whether they should come in or not. This takes up a small amount of processing time, and can delay the queue of guests waiting to enter.

The reality is that with modern processor speeds and effective algorithms used by software firewalls, they can inspect each packet as fast as it arrives.

An older hardware firewall can introduce significant (or at least noticeable) delays to a broadband connection, as it is largely reliant on the processor and firmware within the firewall.

  jazzypop 16:30 21 Feb 2003

Sorry - the previous reply should have been addressed to linguina

  linguina 16:40 21 Feb 2003

Yep, no problem, thank you very much.
All clear


  Andsome 17:38 21 Feb 2003

Before installing any other firewall, XP firewall should be disabled.

  Daibus 19:03 21 Feb 2003

How do I disable XP Firewall ?

  jazzypop 19:08 21 Feb 2003

Go to Start > Help, type 'disable firewall' (without quotes).

  Hotfingers 19:12 21 Feb 2003

Just to warn you Zonealarm takes about 10 minutes to load on my laptop running XP. I don't know if this is a common problem but apart from that it seems to be fine for what it is.

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