firewall. Which is best?

  thetrickster 11:59 16 Sep 2006

currently using zone alarm. having nothing but niggly trouble with this darn thing. can anyone recommend a trouble free firewall? is there one?


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:16 16 Sep 2006

Used ZA for years without problems but couldn't get it to work right when I networked my PC.

Moved onto Sygate on one machine and Kerio on another to see which was best. No difference as far as I'm concerned.

Firewalls :-
Comodo Personal Firewall 2.0 click here
Filesclab click here
Jetico click here
Kerio4 click here
Netveda click here
Nrt firewall 2.0.1 click here
Outpost free click here
R-firewall click here
Securepoint click here
Softperfect click here
Sygate click here
Wyvernworks click here
ZoneAlarm click here

its your choice, all free but most are not supported by help. wait for some recommendations before choosing.

But I'm sure Gandalf will say you don't need one :0)

  Jackcoms 12:41 16 Sep 2006

I use the XP SP2 firewall and plain common sense.

Yes, I know the firewall is only one way - but it's never given me any problems.

  X™ 12:43 16 Sep 2006

XP one, yeah, that's good. You could use McAfee, 12 month free subscription.

  colin1953 13:00 16 Sep 2006

I use Norton. It's expensive but i have found it very reliable.

  Stuartli 13:02 16 Sep 2006

The XP version is not as good as the free version of ZoneAlarm.

I've used ZA for several years and it works equally well with my ADSL modem router.

  j3nks 14:51 16 Sep 2006

I have tried several including paid for ones and most have caused problems at some stage including some of the top names mentioned here.

Zone alarm worked fine for ages then started causing system crashes, probably program code problem that has been sorted by now

Tried the Sunbelt one (can’t remember the name now) but made firefox browser unusable on my PC

Tried trials of the big names, Norton, McAfee etc in their complete internet security packages but just did not like them, to complex for basic users and system hungry (I was asked to recommend to some friends with very basic knowledge)

Used F secure for ages then took up Barclays free antivirus with f secure, but it does not include a firewall on the free offer one, but full paid for system security one worked great

Now using Comodo and it works great so far, so for a stand alone firewall I would recommend Comodo and for complete security system F secure

  DieSse 17:55 16 Sep 2006

I used Sygate until it was bought by Norton and Doiscontinued. Now I use Kerio (the free version) from Sunbelt - with Firefox and IE - and it's been faultless.

If you install Kerio, you get a free trial of the full version - after that it drops down to the free version, which is fine for home users.

  Jak_1 18:01 16 Sep 2006

depends what the niggles are, I have been using zonealarm free for many years now without a problem, I'm now on xp-home and first used it in win95. Try uninstalling and then re-install.

  birdface 19:58 16 Sep 2006

Hi, Downloaded and ran Zone Alarm last week, And like you have had a lot of problems with it,Cuts of my Internet connection, when I try to find out what program is looking for permission to be included, Like you I might just go back to using Windows Firewall.I have been told by someone on here ,that if I continue to have problems with it, To uninstal it ,Then re-install it, as it may have got corrupt while downloading,Don't know if it's worth the bother

  Mark10 20:21 16 Sep 2006

I too used ZA for years with no problems but, like fruitbat, had loads of trouble when trying to network my two PC's. Changed to Kiero on one PC and Syngate on the other. Both work fine with no problems and the PC's network with each other perfect.

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