Firewall for Vistas please?

  spiderpig 19:22 31 Jan 2008

How do I know whether my pc has a firewall installed. If not, which freebie firewall will suit the windows vista?

  aine 19:51 31 Jan 2008

vista comes with a firewall included, I use only this as of yet I have had no problems. To check that yours is active go to Control panel, click on classic view ( easier to find firewall) click on firewall icon. This will tell you if it is active, if not activate it. Many members use others the choice is quite large. Zone alarm,Comodo, Kerio etc.

  fishface113 19:54 31 Jan 2008

Vista will, I promise you, let you know if there is no firewall running unless you physically tell it not too. Odds are its running and its fine!

  spiderpig 19:58 31 Jan 2008

most helpful - checked it was on.

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