Firewall turns itself off network drops out

  Lippy 10:02 10 Feb 2008

Hi all,
While trying to use my Acer (Windows Vista ultimate) laptop on my home network (linksys wireless) the windows firewall keeps turning itself off even when I turn it back on again, and the wireless connection keeps dropping in and out. I don't think its a problem with the linksys because "this" Vaio desktop doesn't seem to have a problem. Anyone got any ideas.
I've recently installed Skype on both machines but even if I don't have it running in the background there's still the same problem with the laptop, so I don't think it's that.

  setecio 10:46 10 Feb 2008

A firewall that turns itself off could be the sign of a virus. Have you ruled this out with various scans ... try this one :

click here

  Lippy 12:58 10 Feb 2008

Yeah tried that, ran a new scan using AVG both virus and spyware. Always plenty of spyware to get rid of but the virus scan came up clear.

  tullie 13:03 10 Feb 2008

Im assuming that you havent got another firewall installe?

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