firewall (sygate personal) ?

  FungusBoggieman 12:34 08 Apr 2007

I have sygate personal firewall installed looking at the site it now takes me to norton which i have had bad times with so wont install it .
I see that the sygate personal firewall has been discontinued so to speek, so is it time for me to change to a newer kind from some one else say zone alarm and so on or will the firewall i have still work ok .

  mocha 13:49 08 Apr 2007

I believe Norton bought out sygate a few year's ago.
I currently have sygate firewall on my Laptop because it has a small footprint and doesn't slow my laptop down. It warn's me of anything unusual trying to access the internet, it creates logs for all outgoing and incoming traffic and it allows you to Stop any program you wish or Ask for permission to access the Web. I can't think of anything that ZoneAlarm Free edition does that sygate can't.

  FungusBoggieman 13:52 08 Apr 2007

Thats the reason I use sygate but i was just a bit worried that as is not supported any more then it will let things past maybe that other that are supported wont if you get my drift.

  Belatucadrus 14:05 08 Apr 2007

Unlike Anti Virus, firewalls aren't signature dependant, so the updates are usually tweaks come up with by the developers rather than anything important to ensure security. I've still got the old Kerio 2.1.4 on one PC and although undeveloped for many years it still does the job. If you're happy with Sygate keep using it, just remembering that if it does go pear shaped there's no official support to help out.

  FungusBoggieman 14:11 08 Apr 2007

ok thanks for your input will leave it on pc as it works well for me .

  mocha 14:12 08 Apr 2007

I've had sygate on my laptop for about two years now. I have avast antivirus and a couple of antispyware progs. Spy-Bot and Ad-Aware. In those two years apart from tracking cookies showing up in spyware progs. I have not had any problems.

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