Firewall rules with DG834

  parsifal198 15:58 18 Feb 2008

I have been trying to limit access of one computer on my wired network using a DG834 router. I received the following help from Irishnapter and thought I was fine to do it.

"On the Netgear DG834 you have the option to setup IP addresses for each computer based on their MAC addresses, its under "LAN IP setup", "Address Reservation".

With each computer now having a fixed IP address you can setup a firewall rule to block all traffic from a range or single address based on a schedule, i.e after 10pm on week nights etc.

You can also do the opposite and allow all traffic from and range or single address."

Unfortunately being a bit dim, I am not sure how to set up this firewall rule. I tried by simply blocking all traffic and saying this was for the IP in question but it didn't seem to work.

I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong.

All help gratefully received


  howard64 19:01 18 Feb 2008

register your router at click here their helpdesk is very good.

  parsifal198 16:29 19 Feb 2008

thanks I will try them


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