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  Tranestation 17:01 10 Jun 2007

Just had a bad experience upgrading to Norton Internet Security 2007 from Norton A/V 2004( I really should have listened to so many other people !!).My old A/V worked well....if it aint broke etc etc but the subscription was due for renewal.NIS 2007 just wanted my PC to run how IT wanted to and not how I wanted it to. I got subs refunded from Norton and just upgraded the Anti Virus to A/V 2007. In order to install Norton I had to disable Zone Alarm which I was thinking of upgrading to a pro version. As I run Windows Defender / Ad Aware / Spywareblaster (which is excellent) Spyware Guard / Ultra Win Cleaner ( which clears out the crap I don't need) and Spybot do I need to have another firewall installed. Also as I have Windows Update set to download but not install, can I get rid of the annoying icon that tells me Norton Protection Center has a problem, when it only wants to install Windows Updates automatically which I dont want. I am running XP with sp2 but with the windows firewall turned off. Many thanks Mary Q.

  mocha 19:08 10 Jun 2007

Whatever programs you choose to protect your computer you should only have one Firewall running and one antivirus, trying to run two of either antivirus or firewalls can create major problems.

Adware/spyware programs you can run as many as you want.

  Tranestation 19:29 10 Jun 2007

Mocha.Thanks for your reply. Is any one firewall better than any other ? Regards Mary Q.

  mocha 20:25 10 Jun 2007

I have used both ZoneAlarm Free and Sygate personal Firewall, sygate I use on my laptop because it has a small footprint and takes few resources.

ZoneAlarm I use on a desktop, although I haven't upgraded to the latest edition 7.xx.xx because of problems that some people have had with this version, (see zonealarm forums).

If you want to see the range of free firewalls click here

If you want a comparison/review of firewalls click here

Hope this helps.

  birdface 00:24 11 Jun 2007

I use Kerio Firewall.There is none better,But downloaded in simple mode it does not cover everything,But it will run like Windows Firewall and you will have no pop-ups wanting you to accept or deny programs,There has been a lot of problems with Zone Alarm Lately Plus you have Norton,That has it's own Firewall.And between the two of them I can see a lot of problems.I use Avg Anti-Spyware + Anti Virus,Kerio Firewall.A Squared And SpywareBlaster.Oops also use Win Patrol + McAfee Site Advisor,All are free,And recommended.Now can you run two Firewalls at the same time,According to Microsoft yes you can,As long as Windows Firewall is one of them,I only use one,It depends whether you trust Microsoft or not.

  birdface 00:38 11 Jun 2007

Windows download set to download but not install.I would change that, And remove download,Do it manually .Microsoft has been downloading some bad downloads recently .Remove automatically download,And download them yourself manually.Does Microsoft come back and appologise when they get it wrong ,No,But it harms a lot of computers in the process.

  Tranestation 08:05 11 Jun 2007

Buteman. Thanks for that...I also forgot to mention Win Patrol as well !! If Norton AntiVirus 2007 has its own firewall are there any known issues with Windows defender .As I said I've got the Windows firewall with sp2 turned off so Norton must be doing the job. It really was a question of if you have a choice then which does the best job and does Norton let you turn off its firewall if you want to use someone else's utility. As for the Windows update do you know if the updates are good or otherwise which ever way you get them. Again its about MS trying to fix its own dodgy system,so do you have a choice ? I trust them as much as anyone else !!!!!!. Regards Mary Q

  birdface 08:40 11 Jun 2007

I used to trust Microsoft, but not anymore,Wait till everyone else has downloaded them,Then wait and see if any problems.I get one every now and then for my audio,And if I download it ,My audio stops working,Norton has issues with a few programs but I don't know about Windows Defender,I am not a Norton lover ,But I do hear that the 2007 version is the best yet,I believe that you can turn the Firewall off.And use another in it's place,But I can't think why you would buy a security suite and not use it completely,Also there has been a few problems with Microsoft automatic up-dates recently,where it keeps searching for up-dates and hogs your CPU making your computer run slower,

  mocha 20:48 11 Jun 2007

I have a network/router that has an inbuilt Firewall but all computers on my network have their own Firewalls, it's not so much what Firewalls prevent getting on your machine has to what they are allowing off your computer.

If a Trogan/virus get's onto your computer then it will try communicating back to whomever sent it. What all good Firewalls do is inform you of any new/uninvited programs that are trying to access the internet off your computer. If you dont know the said program then you have a choice whether to allow/disallow that program access.

Hope this helps.

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