Firewall problems- Can anyone help???

  ||||wx622|||| 18:59 16 May 2003

I use Windows Me, and because I am on the internet a lot I used a dedicated ISDN line. I use Norton Internet Security 2003, and have the latest updates. Last week, I had a fake 'investigation' message whilst on the internet. I'm not worried about that, but there was a explorer-style window on the webpage and it showed my hard drive and its respective folders. I later got a security alert from my firewall that a netbus trojan horse had been detected (unrelated to my earlier problem), so I know that the firewall was working properly. How did my hard drive show up on the web page, when my firewall was working. I have file and printer sharing switched off in Network settings, and have blocked ports 139 and 445 on advice. Please assist...

  Patr100 19:03 16 May 2003

This is an old trick that frightens the unwary which involves the close connection between IE and Windows Explorer. Rest assured. No probelm.

  VoG™ 19:04 16 May 2003

Basically it is a bit of trickery to persuade you to buy something that you don't need. You can see the contents of your hard drive in Internet Explorer but nobody else can.

As a quick demonstration, open IE and enter C:\ in the address bar.

  ||||wx622|||| 19:05 16 May 2003


  graham√ 19:29 16 May 2003

Can we call you '||'?

  ||||wx622|||| 19:30 16 May 2003

Okay, I'll change the name...

  graham√ 19:33 16 May 2003

No, it's fine. :-)

  wx622 19:35 16 May 2003

I have done it now. It's more simple...

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