firewall problem

  rambus 07:51 11 Jan 2004

sorry to bring this problem up again, but never got it resolved last time.
have 2 pc`s both using xp home, both share a broadband connection thru a router. pc`s are not networked at all. both have zonealarm installed.
which brings me to the problem. pc`s can be online independantly of each other, but if you have been online and come of then later try to say check your email, zonealarm blocks your connection, so have to shut zonealarm down then open it again before i can access any online proggrames, i know its zonealarm because if i dissable it pc works fine. any help with this problem would be well recieved, thanks

  terminus 08:13 11 Jan 2004

Don't routers already have an inbuilt firewall certainly the one I've been looking at online do.

I assume this would negate the use of a software firewall?

  rambus 08:36 11 Jan 2004

yes your right they do,but you can only enable it if you network the pc`s. which i dont want to do.anyway this does not fix my problem.

  terminus 08:56 11 Jan 2004

Thanks rambus I'm learning more about these router everyday.

Going back to your problem I had enormous Emailproblems with latest version of ZoneAlarm, using this particular PC. Some other members of the forum have had different problems with it.
I swapped to Kerio which passes all the same tests, and is free for personal use.

No problems now.

  rambus 09:57 11 Jan 2004

thanks terminus, if this is not resolved today i will change firewall and see how that works out.

  rambus 14:49 11 Jan 2004

have just rechecked my whole setup and have found that i have connected the cable from desktop modem to router in the crossover port instead of the thru port ! needless to say thats what has been causing the problem, everything is working fine at last. stupid mistake, so anyone thinking of connecting more than one pc be warned, and double check your cable connections, believe me will save a lot of grief. hope this is of help to somebody else.

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