Firewall or no Firewall

  compumac 18:08 30 Apr 2006

Apologies to all in raising this question again.
Looking through other threads on the subject of internet security it would seem that a firewall is not deemed necessary if one uses ones common sense. I would ask as the interpretation of common sense? What should one avoid doing if one does not have a firewall?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:11 30 Apr 2006

Never used a firewall for over 3 years. Ther eis no chance that a programmeon the net can tell you if your registry or AV is compromised. Don't hit the Pr0n sites and you will be OK.


  Skills 18:11 30 Apr 2006

Far easier to just install a firewall IMO, if you choose not to the avoid "adult sites" like the plauge.

  skidzy 18:14 30 Apr 2006

To me it makes good sense to have a firewall installed,such as Zonealarm that blocks inbound and outbound traffic.

In effect,you could download a rogue program by genuinely thinking it ok,then once run... it can start to contact its relevant website from within your pc,therefore redirecting your browser to where ever it suits.With Zonealarm it will at least give you the chance to block the outbound traffic...thus giving you some protection.

At the end of the day,yes you do need a bit of common sense to where you decide to surf.

  VoG II 18:21 30 Apr 2006

Have a read click here

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:27 30 Apr 2006

'To me it makes good sense to have a firewall installed,such as Zonealarm that blocks inbound and outbound traffic'...errrm, cobblers. If you give permission for a programme to run no amount of AVs or firewalls will help....*cough* Spyaxe, Spyfalcon etc., etc., etc.


  Skills 18:32 30 Apr 2006

Yes but if you dont have a firewall installed in the first place then you wont know that that program is trying to access the net.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:34 30 Apr 2006

..and if you use a tiny bit of common sense you will not need to worry.


  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:35 30 Apr 2006

ps...firewalls will not show spyaxe, spyfalcon, registry cleaner, windowsdefender etc. ;-))


  skidzy 18:37 30 Apr 2006

Exactly my point Skills,i think we agree some protection is better than nothing.
Especially when the kids use the internet etc...

  dogbreath1 18:43 30 Apr 2006

While we are all repeating ourselves, may I also indulge with another little echo.

Good firewalls (I prefer ZoneAlarm) can be free. They don't slow down your PC. They're light on resources. They are not just there to prevent an attempted hack, but detect many unauthorised attempts by apps. to 'dial' out. Also, after the initial pain of inputting consents and configuring for the occasional new prog., they sit there quite happily doing what appears to be a good job.

They do detect both outbound and inbound unauthorised traffic giving the user the option to deny egress and access. I get occasional ZA warning flags so I know that this works.

My question is, therefore, what is the point of suggesting on here that a firewall is not necessary?? I just don't get it.

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