hiwatt 17:47 27 Apr 2007

I've just installed comodo firewall and it's showing 2 high severity events.It's saying"C\windows\system32\wgatray.exe has tried to use svchost.exe through OLE automation which can be used to hijack other applications.It's also showing 5 medium threats.Could someone tell me what I should do please,Im not sure how to work it.Thanks.

  anskyber 17:56 27 Apr 2007

That's Windows Genuine Advantage which calls back to Microsoft to make sure you Windows version is valid and not a copy. click here If you have nothing to fear then do as I have done just agree it. Some may take a different view.

  birdface 18:32 27 Apr 2007

Hi,You can always stick with Comodo untill you get used to it,But if you get confused with all the Apply or deny pop-ups,It may be better to delete it and run Kerio Firewall,If you run it in simple mode you dont get those pop-ups.You get the full version for a month and if you dont want to pay for it ,It reverts back to the free version.

  hiwatt 09:42 28 Apr 2007

Comodo has logged 6 high severity events.Could someone tell me what I should do about these please.It's telling me there is supicious behaviour from svchost.exe.Thanks.

  anskyber 09:46 28 Apr 2007

svchost.exe is a Windows facility, and the chances are there will be more than one running.

rarely it can also be a nasty so it is hard to give unconditional advice. click here

  anskyber 09:48 28 Apr 2007

More detail click here

  hiwatt 20:15 30 Apr 2007

Could someone please tell me what it means when comodo firewall has logged high severity events.It's showing 13 at the moment.What should I do?Thanks.

  squillary 23:23 30 Apr 2007

Comodo is good, but because it's very talkative it puts the onus back on you, which ends up giving you the problem of knowing what to do.

Read the warning and google the terms that it's talking about (not svchost but what's calling it). If you're pretty sure the process calling it is benign (like wgatray above) check the box asking to remember the answer you gave and OK it and it shouldn't recur. Once it's learned all your basic programs there should be less and less annoying warnings.

No-one can tell you - you have to search the answer yourself (and cross our fingers).

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