firewall and download speed

  iqs 12:01 17 Apr 2007

Hi My new PC was supplied with BULLDOG internet security,3 months subscription.
When installed I was downloading at 1.15 mbps.I have now removed and installed ZONE ALARM,now I have speeds of 850 ish ps.
Why does ZA reduce the download speed,is there other free versions which don't cause the speed to reduce.Thanks

  Dipso 13:20 17 Apr 2007

I experienced a similar problem to you. I've been using ZA Free for a good few years now and didn't suspect ZA as I have never experienced this problem before. In my case it was restricting my speed to 5.5 Meg though...I should be getting near 15.5!

I did replace ZA in the end with Comodo click here which didn't seem to restrict the speeds in any way.

Like you I have just bought a new PC which came with Bullguard but despite it being called "Internet Security" the firewall feature wasn't included during the trial period. As I prefer AVG I removed it but as I now run Vista I rely on the built in firewall.

  iqs 17:14 17 Apr 2007

Dipso,I will install Comodo and check the difference in download speed.

I will post my finding.Thank you again for your help.Cheers

  mocha 21:52 17 Apr 2007

I find Microsoft's own firewall to be lacking, it does not inform the user of programs on their computer that are trying to access the internet. Maleware such as keyloggers once on your computer will try sending your secret information back onto the internet. A good firewall will intercept this info, and inform you. Windows firewall does not do this

  Dipso 21:55 17 Apr 2007

Agreed but trouble is finding a good free firewall that will work with Vista.

  iqs 19:05 19 Apr 2007

Dipso and mocha.

I installed comodo,and there was an increase in download speed.It was quickly uninstalled when the pop up warning box informed me that a program was accessing the net.

Why?,for some reason the program or the firewall slowed the computer to a crawl.I could not close the application or switch the PC off.
I was lucky when the pop up box appeared after re-booting 4 times,and I blocked access.

I created a restore point prior to installing Comodo,and returned the PC back to how it was with Zone Alarm as the firewall.No issues since.

I'm not sure why this happened,I guess I will never know.

Never mind,another lesson learnt.

Thanks for the help .


  Stuartli 19:40 19 Apr 2007

>>Agreed but trouble is finding a good free firewall that will work with Vista.>>

Apparently the Vista firewall is far superior to that of XP.

I've used ZA free for several years - it's never interfered with the speed of downloads, which are normally undertaken using FreshDownload (free and ads etc free). See:

click here

  Dipso 21:12 19 Apr 2007

iqs - Sorry you had problems with Comodo. When you say no issues since restoring, are you getting full speeds now?

Stuartli - "Apparently the Vista firewall is far superior to that of XP."

The Vista firewall is much better than the XP one but still does not block outgoing connections unless you specifically configure it that way...not as easy as using a separate one like ZA.

"I've used ZA free for several years - it's never interfered with the speed of downloads..."

ZA has never interfered with my download speeds before until I migrated to Be*. I got full speeds using FTP but for some reason over HTTP speeds were restricted...since found out it is a well known problem with Be* as many members experience the same.

I am still a fan of ZA, it served me well for years and once ZA release a Vista compatible firewall I may give it another chance.

  iqs 22:21 19 Apr 2007

Dipso,when using ZA the download speed is still less then with Comodo and Bulldog.

I have no issues with the firewall affecting the performance of XP ,better the devil you know...

Is there a way to improve the download speed with ZA?.

Thank you for your help

  Dipso 07:41 20 Apr 2007

"Is there a way to improve the download speed with ZA?."

Not configuration could always try the suggstion of a download manager but I've never found the need. Unfortunately someone who had the same issues with a paid for version of ZA got a frosty response from Zonelabs when he dared to suggest it was their software caussing the slowdown.

What version of ZA are you running?

  iqs 18:38 20 Apr 2007

Dipso,thanks for the reply.
I have version 7.0.337.0.

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