Firewall and anti virus recomendations?

  jake2 10:04 21 Nov 2008

I am using AVG and Zone alarm. I have been using both for years without any major issues. Recently I installed the latest version of Zonealarm (V 8 I think) and it has caused all sorts of problems. Preventing outlook express working properly being the main one. Whilst looking around for others with similar problems I discovered that many people regard zonealarm as Spyware!!

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I have since removed v8 and gone back to an earlier version. After reading the above I am now unsure whether or not to trust zonealarm at all!

My question is: What is the best (most reliable, secure and least likely to slow the pc) firwall and anti virus program on the market today? Free or bought.

  Stuartli 10:13 21 Nov 2008

I used to use ZA over many years, but switched to Comodo Firewall Pro (freeware) as it is much superior.

As for AV, Avast! does everything it says on the tin, updates itself automatically and tells you it has done so. Also freeware. I haven't tried Comodo Firewall though, but do use its Registry Cleaner.

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  Stuartli 10:13 21 Nov 2008

There are many recent threads on this subject.

  RobCharles1981 11:22 21 Nov 2008
  Halmer 11:32 21 Nov 2008

and wait until it tells you that there is an update rather than seeking it manually.

  Belatucadrus 11:46 21 Nov 2008

I've never understood this urge to continuously update the firewall, unlike AntiVirus they're not signature dependent, so they either work or they don't. When I do use one, I tend to prefer the more compact archived free versions of Tiny or Kerio, far fewer bells and whistles attached, but they do the firewall job just as well as the latest options.
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  jake2 12:29 21 Nov 2008

Do firewalls tend to slow things down whilst browsing?

RobTheOrganGuru: usefull link thanks

Belatucadrus: I am begining to come around to your way of thinking aswell. The less it interferes the better.

Stuartli: Avast seems to get get good reviews and I may give it a try, although AVG hasn't really given me any bother. Its more Zonalarm that is giving me trouble at the moment. Also if what I have read about zonealarm itself being spyware!! I am inclined to think of getting rid of zonalarm altogether.

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