Solva 13:19 21 Jun 2007

I have actually stopped using firewalls after I used ZA, I found it slowed my system down too much and was always producing prompts for everypage I opened. I wondered in your opinion is an additional firewall neccessary when you have windows firewall in place and why?

And in which case which freeware Firewall is recommended

  BigB32 13:37 21 Jun 2007

Hi Solva first off do not have 2 firewalls running at once all sorts of problems will probably ensue, Windows Firewall is better than no firewall ,but it only blocks inbound a third party firewall blocks inbound and alerts you to outgoing events as you say.
In your case the firewall was actually doing a perfect job of alerting you ,it depends how much control you need/ want on your pc as you go about your business ,my opinion for what it,s worth is the more I know what is happening at ALL times when I am online is a good thing.

  Solva 13:45 21 Jun 2007

I always find it trouble some though when you are browsing and you get a prompt to accept and decline and you dont know whether what you accepting is needed by the site or you are accepting something bad.

Also would you say running a firewall decreases system performance?


  BigB32 13:53 21 Jun 2007

My first rule is if in doubt decline it if you read what the alert is warning you of , and if you are happy with that then there will be a checkbox to tick to ok it, to stop it warning you of the same event again 2nd point no I run Sunblelt which used to be Kerio and I have no problems with system performance.


  robbiepaul79 13:53 21 Jun 2007

I notice very little performance issues when using ZA myself there latest edition of the software i find to be very good and you can set it to 'learn' what products you use mine hardly ever asks me if things are allowed internet access....and when it does rightly so.

A quick search of these forums will point you towards other alternatives though.

  birdface 14:03 21 Jun 2007

You want Kerio Firewall.You get the full version for a month and if you don't want to pay for it ,it reverts back to the free version.Downloaded in simple mode you get nothing asking you to accept or deny programs,It runs just like windows firewall with no problems,This is the one that you are looking for.forget the here

  oldbeefer2 14:06 21 Jun 2007

I have been told that if connecting through a router, no additional firewall is necessary. Correct?

  LABMAN 14:10 21 Jun 2007

Hi Solva,

I recently tried out free firewwall and anti-virus programmes from Commodo which realy did bust your head in with request every time an application started, even after you had clicked on allow and remeber this action and passing the information to Commodo it kept insisting on quering the same applications over and over again.

In the end after 3 days I gave in and removed them and went back to Zone Alarm, using version 6 as I've heard it's less resource hungry than version 7 and I'm using AVG for my anti-virus, both only ever ask once if you want an application to run, well mayby twice as you ocassionaly get this is a repeat application request, and thats about it.

The added avantage is that I've also gained about an extra 50MB ram memory.

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