musiclady 18:55 09 Mar 2003

Which is the best and easiest free firewall program about

  Legolas 18:58 09 Mar 2003

Zone alarm click here
the free one is the one on the far right

  AndySD 19:00 09 Mar 2003

Sygate click here

  Belatucadrus 19:06 09 Mar 2003

click here for Kerio personal firewall2 & click here for the free user manual. I like it because it's a fairly small download and it does the job, without bombarding you with spurious warnings every time the sytem gets pinged.

I use Sygate personal firewall and as far as I am aware it is doing a good job. I do seem to have spasms where the system warns that my computer's ports are being scanned and that the scan is blocked. Is that normal or am I just being naive in thinking that is what the software is there for ?

  Wak 22:12 01 Apr 2003

In Sygate, go to Options/ General tab/ down to Notifications and put a tick in Hide Notification Messages then you won't be troubled with little messages any more but they will still be blocked.

  mad2477 22:18 01 Apr 2003

why use a firewall, or am i missing something? do we really need a firewall, if some hacker really wants to browse my english essays on Shakespheare on find out what factors affect the bounciness of a squash bal that is their choice. or is it imperitive to have one?

  Belatucadrus 12:04 02 Apr 2003

mad2477 as there are so many free firewalls why not use one ? While it is unlikely that you will be hacked, what is going to limit a hacker to browsing ? I'm of the opinion that if a few free precautions stop some twit mucking up my system I'll take them.

  Legolas 13:25 02 Apr 2003

The importance of using a good firewall was brought home to me the other day at college where I am doing a computer HNC course. One of my classmates informed me that he had scanned my computer and was able to tell me that I had some ports open he sent me a copy of the scan by e-mail.The open ports occured because I was running Zone Alarm at medium and not high strength, he also informed me that he was able to gain access to peoples computers who in essence had left the doors wide open, some of the computers he gained access to had file sharing and drive sharing enabled and he was able to, as he put it, stroll through their Harddrive.

I have every reason to believe he was telling me the truth, so although there might be nothing in your computer that would interest a hacker, it is possible for them, having gained entry to change and or delete files, it is also possible for them to plant small programs that then make your computer run as a server for the hacker.

My purpose in bringing this to peoples attention is not to cause paranoia but to make people aware that their computer can be hacked and although unlikely it is better to be safe than sorry.

  The Paul 14:58 02 Apr 2003

Sufficient reason indeed to have a firewall - set at highest strength.

mad2477 - has abviously never been hacked - as I have. While an AOL member (please no abuse - I'm cleansed now) I got hacked and my account was activated and used to send 1,000s of emails. It scared me a bit as despite our belief that (A) it wont happen and (B) I dont have anything worth hacking for - both points are seriously flawed.

Since then I have installed Sygate and AVG and have lived safely and happily ever after.

  runnerblade 19:51 02 Apr 2003

not having a firwall is like going out of your house and leaving the back door unlocked,you could get away with it a 1,000 times only to come home one day to find sombody had walked into your house and trashed it.
i hope you dont go out and leave doors unlocked so why risk leaving your computer open to hackers get a firewall there,s plenty of good ones free !

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