ponytail 21:52 27 Jul 2009

With reference to my previous posting titled Kodak Software.My computer has been running very slow lately and today I had it sorted out and it is now running ok.I mentioned when I took it in the problems I was having trying to install the cameras software.When I went back to collect he also was unable to install the software and he said I had about five firewalls running.He has changed my security programs and all I can see now are Spy bot search and destoy and Avira Antivi.So my superantispyware,spywareblaster and malwarebytes are no longer installed.How do I find what firewall I have and are these two programs enoughJust noticed Windows Defender is still there and also Mozilla Firefox is installed.Have I got enough protection now.
He also mentioned something about a card reader to use to transfer the photos from the camera to the PC but that is something I know nothing about anyone got any ideas.Sorry this was so long.

  Technotiger 22:01 27 Jul 2009

Hi, I would re-install at least SuperAntiSpyware.

I have not seen your earlier thread, a link to it would have been helpful - ie a 'click here' ......

I am not keen on Defender, if it was mine I would get rid of that. Just my own preference.

If you got to Start>Control Panel and click on Windows Firewall, that should give you some indication of what firewall you have - possibly just Windows own.

Card Reader, these are extremely useful, you can get a USB multi-card reader very cheaply from any PC shop. click here this is just an example, there are plenty of others - a card-reader is a 'Must-have' these days.

  ponytail 22:18 27 Jul 2009

Hi Technotiger sorry about the link to my earlier posting.I presume you just take the card from the camera insert it in the card rreader and plug the reader into a USP port and transfer the contents.Why did I not think of that it would have saved me a lot of time.Clicked on windows firewall and that was all there was is that enough.So if I re-install superAntiSpyware will that be enough with the other two Spybot and Avira Antivi.

  ponytail 22:26 27 Jul 2009

Have just tried to install SuperAntiSpyware and got the following error
Installer Information
Error 1327
Invalid Drive f\
Any ideas Technotiger

  ponytail 22:42 27 Jul 2009

Hi Technotiger
Just been reading some postings on PC Review about Error 1327 invalid drive F.It says this is something to do with a card reader as I have no drive F.I tried to download and install spywareblaster and that was fine so why not SuperAntiSpyware.Any ideas I tried again and saved it then went in and run it with the same result.

  Technotiger 22:47 27 Jul 2009

Lots of people have this same problem when un-installing and/or installing different items, the fix shown in this thread seems to do the trick for most ... click here

Good luck - if you don't feel confident about going into the Registry, get a friend to try it for you.

I am in the Portsmouth are, if you are anywhere near me, I would be happy to do it for you.

  Technotiger 22:48 27 Jul 2009

PS - that error is not just to do with card-readers, it happens with lots of different items!

  Technotiger 23:01 27 Jul 2009

You might be happier with this link, it is the same problem, even though in this case it is for a different program, the solution is the same ...

click here;en-us;327763

  Technotiger 23:04 27 Jul 2009
  Technotiger 23:07 27 Jul 2009

PS - Step 8 in that link says install Office 2000, but in your case it would be, install SuperAntiSpyware.

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