goll_y 18:51 23 Apr 2004

Had a few problems on my computer and it seems that Internet Explorer keeps crashing for no known reason. Have run a number of programmes to remove viruses etc that have been suggested on this board. Wondered whether I needed a firewall. I've got the one on XP Professional and use that but do I need another one and will it stop unwanted advertising that maybe causing the computer to crash?

  johnnyrocker 18:56 23 Apr 2004

in a word no try panda zone alarm i personally use sygate but there are others.


  Lozzy 18:57 23 Apr 2004

Sounds to me you either have a virus but if you say you have scanned then perhaps not. You may have a corruption to correct it try inserting the XP CD start run and type sfc /scannow then OK. Exit it out of any wizard before running this.

Note the space between the sfc and /

  GANDALF <|:-)> 01:10 24 Apr 2004

A firewall will not stop 'unwanted advertising' and the reasons for IE crashing will probably have very little to do with having a firewall.

If you have not got Adaware get it. click here and run it (delete everything it finds). Then d/l Regseeker from click here and run it.

You need to empty all your temp, temp internet, cookie and history files. Post here if you are unsure where they reside. An excellent, free proggie for doing this (and much more) is 'CCleaner' from click here

Delete, through 'add/remove progs' any unwanted programmes. If all this fails get a CD with IE6 on and load it. When you get to the custom/typical scren select 'custom' and tick everything except languages and media player. Reboot when loaded.


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