firefox,ie8 & zone alarm freezes

  steviekm 17:59 28 Oct 2009

i found it interesting that so many users were having the same hanging issues that i'd been getting for several weeks. i'd been using the latest version of zone alarm internet security and found that the system would hang/freeze on either firefox and ie8 without warning. took the advise of the forum and ditched zone alarm, having picked up kaspersky internet security suite 2010 at pc world for a bargain £23.99 (3 user licence) which included free 3 user "lifetime license" for Tune up utilities (excellent prog,but thats a diff story).
since installing kaspersky, i have'nt had any problems whatsover- would suggest anyone having similar problems to(at leat) ditch zone alarm and look elsewhere.
its a shame,up to this point ive used z/a for years!!!

  Halmer 18:05 28 Oct 2009

with Vista for the same reason. The latest version is not Vista compatible.

I've ditched ZA and AVG recently and am now trying the Comodo Firewall/AV free package at click here

  steviekm 19:11 28 Oct 2009

how wierd-it tells you that its compatable with vista but......
still a shame had many years up to last week using zone alarm without any problems, but - well, if thats the case, they need to get their act together-and quicxk before they loose all of us that have supported them over the years.

  Halmer 22:16 28 Oct 2009

version click here (see requirements). I went back to version 7.1.246 which is specifically for Vista.

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