Firefox/IE7 wont connect,AOL browser will.

  gudgulf 12:48 21 Apr 2008

Over the last few weeks I've had problems accessing certain websites with Firefox or IE7.

If I use the AOL 9vr browser though the sites connect just fine.

An example is click here

This happens with both computers connected to AOL via a Netgear Dg834g v2 router (latest firmware installed)....which suggests it not just a pc problem(cleared all caches,flushed dns cache and repaired Winsock files etc,etc just to be sure.)

I've tried resetting the router and reconfiguring it from scratch to no avail and tried all the recommended MTU settings for AOL.

It's odd that the AOL browser has no difficulty connecting though....Firefox and IE7 give an address not found error.I also get an address not found message if I ping the site linked to above via a command prompt!

AOL have not replied to my email request for advice.......any ideas anyone?

  rdave13 13:49 21 Apr 2008

Try setting mtu in router to 1400 and use SG TCP Optimizer ( click here ) to adjust the PC's mtu.

  gudgulf 14:05 21 Apr 2008

Thanks for the response rdave13

I've already done that.......tried 1400,1432,1450 and 1500 MTU amongst others.Also used TCP optimizer without success

That still doesn't explain why the AOL browser connects to the site(s) but Firefox/IE7 don't.

I should have added in the original post that all sites that are now unobtainable with Firefox were fully accessible a few weeks change to the computer.It's on all comouters that connect to the web via the router.Main pc wired and upstairs pc via wireless.

  rdave13 14:20 21 Apr 2008

Have a look at this thread. You'll have to scroll down a bit to see the replies. Might give some pointers. click here

On AOL and have no problems here.

  gudgulf 15:11 21 Apr 2008

Ok.........tried all the solutions mentioned.

Not a security program issue..tried disabling already.In any case both my pcs use different set-ups so it would be unlikely both would give the same problem.

The User Agent Switcher for Firefox didn't work either.

I guess this solution sums up the problem,quote:

"it is a network problem , I think aol browser is using its internal proxy server to access the web."

It would seem that AOL are favouring their own browser since the switch over to Carphone Warehouse servers.........and I detest the AOL browser!

Seems I've little choice but use it for any problem sites now.

Thanks for the confirms what I'd already found on some other forums.

  feb 17:38 21 Apr 2008

I'm using a router so I'm always connected but when I sign in to the AOL browser I can access click here using IE7 and Firefox, but as soon as I sign off from AOL, IE7 And Firefox cannot connect to the same web site!!

I've emailed the outlet to let them know of the problem.

  skidzy 18:45 21 Apr 2008

What does Tracert say from cmd gudgulf....are you getting timeouts ?,if so i would say its server issues from AOL.

  skidzy 18:49 21 Apr 2008

Just a thought gudgulf,ive seen this problem before on PCA (recently), and i believe the problem something to with a Googgle toolbar/popup blocker.If you have these installed,maybe remove them and try again.

  skidzy 18:51 21 Apr 2008

For what its worth,ive just run a tracert from my lappy to AOL and received 16-30 timeouts....maybe this is the issue (server)....

  gudgulf 20:06 21 Apr 2008

Hi skidzy,all I get with tracert is the message:

unable to resolve target name

Currently logged on to the AOL browser and viewing the site as I fail to find it at all with my tracert command!

  gudgulf 20:07 21 Apr 2008

Should add that tracert has no problem with sites that do display such as this one and google.

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