Firefox v1.0.4. is released.

  dagwoood 09:56 12 May 2005

v1.0.4 is available for download.

MajorGeeks download page: click here

You can try and install this update via tools>options>advanced>software update, but I couldn't the download to start(I assume their servers are very busy at the moment).

This release addresses some critical security issues so it'd be advisable to download and install.

  Stuartli 10:07 12 May 2005

Thanks for that!

  Pooke100 10:23 12 May 2005

ta very much...

  SEASHANTY 10:30 12 May 2005

Thanks. I just wish that Mozilla would issue a patch tho rather than keep releasing new versions which requires removal of the old version before installing the new.

  iscanut 11:14 12 May 2005

Have just upgraded to version 1.0.4 ( from 1.0.3 )via Mozilla site click here . From Firebird browser select Tools, Advanced, Software Update, Check Now this will take you to the downlaod which will be installed for you. I have always done it this way and have never had to remove the former version at all. I had to reset my Home Page but everything else seems to be the same with no problems.

  SEASHANTY 11:37 12 May 2005

It advises you in the Firefox instructions to remove any previous versions via add/remove progs.
Some people have reported problems with not removing the old version first which is why I always do so.

  gudgulf 12:30 12 May 2005

SEASHANTY--I have never needed to uninstall the old version first...all the updated versions from the Beta to today's have installed over the top of the older versions without problem.Just updated via the Firefox tools route like Nuts did.If I get a problem with this way of updating THEN I will uninstall and put the newer version on from scratch....until then I am not going to make unnecessary work for myself.But I'm not going to Suggest anyone disreguards the proper instructions do things whichever way works for you.I'll put money on the fact that those of us who meddle and take shortcuts are more practised at full system reinstalls than those who follow the instructions, lol.

  Joe R 12:43 12 May 2005


Thank you.

I will be uninstalling the old version first, as I had a few problems whilst updating version 1.0.3

  SEASHANTY 13:20 12 May 2005

case rests

  Tenacious Green 14:02 12 May 2005

Does this update deal with the threat posed by javascripting? It is not clear on the mozilla site if this issue has been resolved.

  Dennis Goycoolea 14:20 12 May 2005

It is clear, and yes it has been fixed: click here

Even those against Free Software must admit this is a decentresponse. Critical vulnerability made public 9th May; work-around implemented the same day; fix released 12th May.

Mirrors, mirrors: click here


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