Firefox users - A date for your diary.

  dagwoood 02:49 07 Nov 2004

Version 1.0 will be available in a couple of days time click here

The staff at must've been working overtime because, at one point a couple of months ago, it was looking like v1.0 wouldn't be ready until into next year.

I'm waiting with baited breathe :0) ,dagwoood.

  gudgulf 03:02 07 Nov 2004

Thanks dagwood......I'll be having that!!!

  MIke 08:26 07 Nov 2004

Any improvements over the Preview version? ~I downloaded that yesterday and found it to be pretty stable, though the read mail link doesn't work for me on my laptop, yet does on my desktop. On laptop write mail launches Outlook Express, but read mail does nothing. On Desktop they both launch Outlook Express.

I may try Thunderbird sometime.


  Diodorus Siculus 09:42 07 Nov 2004

Thanks; looking forward to that. Now just awaiting Thunderbird 1.0 and a few more extensions to be made available.

  Dorsai 09:59 07 Nov 2004

If it's as good as the V1 preview release, (and it should, i suppose, be better) then it will be good indeed.

Thunderbird well worth a try.

  MIke 10:14 07 Nov 2004

Wouldn't it be good if Thunderbird could be incorporated as a Tab in Firefox.Everything in one window then!

  Dorsai 10:35 07 Nov 2004

Good idea, the closest they come is that you can put a button on firefox's tool bar to 'read mail' or 'new mail' so you can sort of do it all from firefox, but not 'add the two together' just launch one from the other.

There are plenty of extensions avaliable for both t'bird anf f'fox. perhaps one already written to do just what you suggest.

  dagwoood 15:24 07 Nov 2004


  hkvic 15:46 07 Nov 2004

I'm running FF RC2 as my default browser at the moment and must say that it's running like a dream, really stable with no apparent problems. They're on track for final release of Tuesday.

Am also running TB 0.9 also with no problems. Looks like Ver 1.0 should be out soon too.

  iambeavis 17:59 07 Nov 2004

I imagine the Mozilla site will be approaching meltdown on Tuesday. Definitely a date for the diary.

  powerless 18:15 07 Nov 2004

*Wouldn't it be good if Thunderbird could be incorporated as a Tab in Firefox.Everything in one window then!*

Ummm well, hmmm, I'm going to say no.

As FF is a browser and is known for it's speed and all that. FF was built around just a fast browser. If you want email integration go for the Mizilla browser. Although i'm sure that if it could be done it will be made as an extension rather than being integral to the application.

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