Firefox Toolbar Icons

  Snrub 17:55 03 Sep 2011

How can the toolbar favorite icons be set just to show the icon without the description? I have this in IE9 toolbar but have not managed to find away of doing this in Firefox

  Woolwell 18:12 03 Sep 2011

View - toolbars - Customise - bottom left show : Select Icons instead of Icons and Text

  Woolwell 18:17 03 Sep 2011
  Snrub 18:19 03 Sep 2011

Thanks have already done this but doesn't work for me

  Woolwell 18:25 03 Sep 2011

Works for me. Which version of Firefox? Have you restarted Firefox? When you state Favorite do you mean bookmark icons ie favicons?

  Snrub 18:35 03 Sep 2011

Its the latest 6.01 version and yes I do mean favicons. Will try a restart.

  Snrub 18:40 03 Sep 2011

No, restart did not do it.

  Woolwell 18:55 03 Sep 2011

You'll need an add-on for favicons Smart Bookmarks but it may not work with the latest version.

  Snrub 19:19 03 Sep 2011

The strange thing is it responds to 'text only' and 'text and icons' but not the 'icon' only option.

  Snrub 19:21 03 Sep 2011

No Smart Bookmarks does not work with firefox 6.0.1

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