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  VNAM75 14:48 13 Apr 2008

How do I get FF to remember the username/member number of a site, but NOT the password. eg. if I click on the member no./username box I get a drop down entry of what I entered last time so I can select it and not have to type it.

With CTRL + T, FF opens a new tab with the text "about:new tab" in the address bar. But its not highlighted. I want it to highlight so I can (overwrite) type "pca" and it gives the drop down list of click here.

Both of these feature in IE7 but its becoming unstable and slow so I'm switching to FF.

  VNAM75 14:53 13 Apr 2008

sorry, the click here is supposed to read the web address of PC Advisor

  Technotiger 15:08 13 Apr 2008

All you have to do is click within the address bar, this will highlight whatever is there, then you can press Del on your keyboard to clear it and then type in whatever you want.

  VNAM75 15:15 13 Apr 2008

Technotiger, thanks again for your help. This is what I do but I just prefer to use the keyboard which seems a lot quicker. ie. CTRL + T then pca takes me to this site.

  Belatucadrus 15:21 13 Apr 2008

To get FF to remember the username/member number of a site, but NOT the password.

Menu / Tools / Options . Security tab then deselect Passwords " Remember passwords for sites ". You can also go to the Privacy tab and tick " Always clear my private data when I close Firefox " refine what fields you want emptied by clicking on the settings button next to it.

I tried the CTRL-T shortcut and when the new tab opened the cursor was active in the location address box so I could type in PCA as you require and got the relevant dropdown list. Unfortunately I have no idea why yours isn't acting as desired.

  Technotiger 15:24 13 Apr 2008

CTRL-T used here, results same as Belatucadrus.

  VNAM75 15:41 13 Apr 2008

Belatucadrus, FF seems to remember some but not other usernames but its not really a problem.

CTRL+T gives me a new tab and active cursor but the text "about:newtab" is not highlighted so I can't overwrite it with pca. I've settled on pressing back space to clear the address bar then type pca and it gives me the list.

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