Firefox Problem?

  manrow 09:03 15 Feb 2008

Generally delighted with Mozilla Firefox 3 Beta 3.

But there is no longer 'Organise Bookmarks' on drop down from Bookmarks, and although it talks about manager in the Help file it doesn't tell you how to get there!!

  manrow 09:04 15 Feb 2008

For same reason perhaps does not seem to permit 'add new folder'?

try>bookmarks>show all bookmarks>organise should be acrross the top.

  manrow 09:59 15 Feb 2008

Thank you Raven. Initially only partly successful as all other useful modes still hidden, i.e. move rename etc.

Now seems to move you have to cut and paste, but rename?

  manrow 10:04 15 Feb 2008

Also in bookmark dropdown menus, right click brings up menu but 'sort by name' greyed out?

Hi havent played around with it much,initially for "move" highlight the bookmark then click the organise tab again and move appears in the drop down menu.
Rename,rightclick the highlighted bookmark>properties>change name or when highlighting the bookmark it appears in the main body of the page (bottom)
Bookmark menu right click?
show all bookmarks>open bookmarks in main body and then view>sort(a few diff options)
I guess this is why it is still beta?

  manrow 12:33 15 Feb 2008

Although not yet decided is it easy enough to change back again? I didn't save my bookmarks before downloading as I had assumed I could look at old version alongside the new, and not expecting it to overwrite!

  aine 16:16 15 Feb 2008

This beta is downloaded to a separate file, you can just delete . Use add or remove. It has not affected FireFox 2.0.012.

  aine 19:05 17 Feb 2008

To continue from my last posting,I have now found out it has corrupted my FireFox, I am having to use IE7. much to my disgust. Any help would be welcome

  cocteau48 19:21 17 Feb 2008

Yes indeed a word of caution is needed before you mess around with Firefox 3.
It downloads into a separate folder from Firefox 2 and if you just leave it like that there is no problem but if you start adding/changing add-ons or themes then those changes appear to affect your profile for both versions.
I installed one of the few themes applicable to Firefox 3 and then discovered that it had changed my preferred Firefox 2 theme as well.
You may have to uninstall Firefox 3 and rebuild your profile for Firefox 2 to get it back the way you want it.

  manrow 19:23 17 Feb 2008

Am I being too simplistic in suggesting you could download Firefox 2.0.012 to say your desktop, then delete the Firefox beta version and re-install the older version?

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