Firefox Patch?

  sjbell 11:46 08 Jan 2005

Towards the end of this article written on the 7th January (click here) discussing recent flaws in Internet Explorer and Mozilla software, it states "The volunteer Mozilla Foundation has rolled out new versions to patch the holes, which range from a potential buffer overflow and temporary files disclosure to anti-spoofing issues" - are they discussing version 1.0 or is there a newer version / patch out?

  Belatucadrus 12:00 08 Jan 2005

click here I just ran the test with Firefox 1 and nothing happened, so I'm not worried.

  sjbell 12:05 08 Jan 2005

I'm not that worried either - Firefox is still more secure than IE (for reference this page click here is relevant for Firefox). I was just wondering if anyone knew about the patch which the article in my first post mentioned.

  JIM 12:08 08 Jan 2005

possibly an auto update notification may have been installed without me noticing.

  jagx400 12:09 08 Jan 2005

Just ran the test with IE and it failed, then with firefox and it passed and I have all updates installed for XP, so why the big deal about a possible flaw with Firefox and no shouting about a flaw in IE. click here

  sjbell 12:14 08 Jan 2005

If you read my second post I am not making a 'big deal' about this flaw - I know that IE has far more problems (click here) than Firefox. I was merely asking if there was a patch out as I hadn't heard anything about this and there is nothing on the Mozilla website.

  jagx400 12:17 08 Jan 2005

Oops my thread does sound as if I was having a go at you but I wasn't, thats the trouble with a text reply, I was making a point at the link , they dont mention anythink about IE, so sorry if It looked like I was having a dig, was not my intention.:-)

  Dennis1 13:32 08 Jan 2005

I've just found another article about IE here

  Dennis1 13:38 08 Jan 2005

This is all I've found on the firefox flaw issue
click here

  sjbell 14:21 08 Jan 2005

I think the article in my first post has got it wrong. I've just read on another site "Mozilla developers are expected to fix these bugs in an upcoming version of the product" which, according to Mozilla, is scheduled for March (click here). Firefox is still my browser of choice over IE at the moment! I'll mark this post as resolved...

  Stuartli 16:41 08 Jan 2005

If you go to Firefox's Tools>Options and scroll down to the Advanced button, you'll find a Software Update facility.

You can either Enable it to check for Firefox and Entensions and Themes updates regularly or do it manually.

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