Firefox and/or I. Explorer

  driving man 12:56 30 May 2006

Read today about how good mozilla firefox is. At the moment am on AOL B/band silver with I Explorer. My question is can I use I E and firefox together or would I need to delete explorer first. Finally if it is possible to keep both what potential problems should I be aware of
As usual
Thanks in advance

  Devil Fish 13:15 30 May 2006

IE and firefox will happily co exsist on the same system so no you would not have to delete IE
i currently have 3 browsers living quite happily together

as to wether you can use it with AOL i dont know someone with more knowledge of AOL may be able to help you with that one

  mattyc_92 14:19 30 May 2006

Yes, you can use it...

There shouldn't be a single problem....

  bof:) 15:41 30 May 2006

just be aware that some websites may not open in Firefox because they are designed for IE, if this happens just swop to IE.

  DieSse 16:31 30 May 2006

You can not only have them on the system together, you can run them both at the same time! ie - one site with FF, and another with IE.

I've never actually found a website that FF objected to - but did once find one that FF ran OK and IE didn't!!

  dontmeshwithme 16:38 30 May 2006

Some bank websites refuse to run on Firefox (my favourite browser) so don't delete IE. Also you may find the search function on some websites won't work in Firefox, a good example of this is

As you won't get an error message, if a site won't work in Firefox or has limited functionality give IE a go.

  driving man 21:00 30 May 2006

Before I download Firefox further advice, if there is any, would be gratefully received. Plus would also like to know if it will drasticly affect my boot up times running it and I E in tandem

  ade.h 21:04 30 May 2006

Given that browsers do not run at startup nor run as a background service, your startup times and system resource use will not be affected. Firefox itself has a longer initialisation than IE or Opera (which has the smallest system footprint) but is slightly quicker in use than IE. Opera however, is the leanest and fastest browser that I have ever used.

  terryf 23:10 30 May 2006

My local council site doesn't like FF but I have both browsers on my Quick launch bar and use as required, incidentally I have FF to start up with the ggoggle search page and OE to start up with my local BBC weather

  martytoon 14:24 01 Jun 2006

Would certainly recommend giving Firefox a go - it's free so you've got nothing to lose! I use it all the time now, but have kept IE on my PC for reasons stated above - in particular need IE to access the windows update site. Also, I run MS Flight Simulator and found that I need IE set as the default browser to print off flight plans!

  driving man 10:45 06 Jun 2006

Thank you all very much for your informative and knowledgable answers. Will donload it onto my external hard drive.
PS Arent ext hard drives cheap these days

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