Firefox or Google Chrome

  mark3986 16:45 24 May 2009

wots best firefox or google Chrome

  john bunyan 16:49 24 May 2009

What's wrong with IE8? I wonder why so many of these are needed.

  chub_tor 17:18 24 May 2009

IE8 for stability, Chrome for speed, Firefox for nice add ons. Take your pick.

  AL47 17:49 24 May 2009

id agree i summed up these before

chrome = speed
IE = good out of the box
ff = addons

i chose ff cause some of the addons are really worth having, [i have 20] plus themes

  AL47 17:56 24 May 2009


id choose FF
then chrome
then IE8 last

  mark3986 18:32 24 May 2009

my ff is very slow and un responsive at times thats why i was asking

  Pine Man 18:55 24 May 2009

Both Chrome and FF, in my opinion, are faster than IE8 but Chrome is a bit basic for my liking so FF it is!

  DieSse 19:32 24 May 2009

FF version 3.5 beta4 is very stable, and it's much faster - close to that of Chrome.

All the add-ons don't work yet though - but it's very, very stable in my experience.

So though I've tried Chrome - even the newest version - I've decided the long-term way to go is FF.

  chub_tor 21:12 24 May 2009

That's an interesting comment, I will give it a go when it comes out of Beta.

  gazzaho 03:55 25 May 2009

According to the review on browsers and security in the latest PC Advisor, FF and IE8 are about equal, Security is my main priority when using a browser and not speed, I myself wouldn't use the others as they reportedly are less secure.

Chrome for instance wasn't even rated in the article as it's so new, the article states it has "buffer overflow" issues which can be exploited to potentially compromise the browser, the article mentions however that it does have the potential to be one of the most secure, but at the moment it's too early to tell.

I have both FF and IE8 installed and on my machine I see no immediate difference, speed wise, between them. I do prefer FF over IE8 because of the customisation though.

  Pine Man 08:39 25 May 2009

'FF version 3.5 beta4 is very stable, and it's much faster'

Definitely and, although some of the add-ons don't work yet, I have found that some I needed with earlier versions of FF are actually no longer necessary.

If the new version, soon to be released, is better than the beta I'm using at the moment it will be brilliant!!

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