Firefox Oh it dont wanna have it

  nobbyhigo 15:51 27 Apr 2014

running xp home on a sammy netbook and chrome loads google from desktop quick But firefox starts when first installed with great intentions then slows down with each day that dawns I have reinstalled with old apps and with the latest ,just the same IE AND Chrome a lot faster
thanks Nobby

  spuds 16:09 27 Apr 2014

If you don't want Firefox, then what's stopping you from removing it?.

I use (1) Mozilla Firefox (2) Google Chrome with Internet Explorer becoming a poor third.

If your machine is beginning to run slow, then perhaps a spring-clean might be in order?.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:13 27 Apr 2014

I too have noticed FF has slowed on XP, especially on this site

now switched to Chrome for faster browsing

IE is only use occasionally for those stubborn updates from MS.

  nobbyhigo 17:35 27 Apr 2014

I reckon you might be right Looks like a format coming on oh joy I like firefox "but"

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