Firefox loses page connection!

  spuds 12:58 19 Aug 2007

Been having browser problems with Internet Explorer, so I am in the process of using Firefox.

Simple question: If I click on a link within the PCA forum, then try to return to the original page after reading the link details, Firefox mentions tags then loses the complete set-up. I then have to restart Firefox as a new browser connection. What am I doing wrong, is there something in Firefox that perhaps needs unticking, so to prevent this problem!.

All I want to do is open and close window pages, without losing them.

  octal 13:15 19 Aug 2007

Try creating a new profile, it could be a corrupt file in there, make sure you backup your bookmarks before messing around with the profile in case you loose them. This site shows you how to create a new profile.
click here

  bretsky 13:54 19 Aug 2007

Tabs(as in displaying multiple pages)or tags?

  birdface 13:59 19 Aug 2007

Hi.When you wanted to get rid of a click here,You used to just hit the red X at top right,,But recently it has started to come up just below the toolbar,It's just a matter of clicking the little red x and you should get back to PCA.

  spuds 15:31 19 Aug 2007

octal- will check the link details out later, food beckons.

bretsky- Tabs it should have been,

buteman- Thats the problem. Tick the red X and I have lost Firefox completely.

  bretsky 16:55 19 Aug 2007

When you click on a link you need it to open in a new window instead of the window you are already in-if that makes sense, to do this, goto Tools>options>tabs and select New pages should be opened in a new tab,also you will see various options as to how you want your browser to behave.
In tabbed browsing as buteman said " It's just a matter of clicking the little red x and you should get back to PCA." Or right click your maim window in tabbed browsing mode and select Close other tabs.



  bretsky 16:56 19 Aug 2007

Main NOT maim...doh

  Sea Urchin 17:18 19 Aug 2007

Hi Spuds

It sounds as if you are trying to shut down the window (top right hand corner) rather than the individual tab, which is below the bookmarks bar. This will result in a pop up box saying that you are attempting to close down two (or more) tabs and do you wish to continue. If you say yes you will shut down Firefox.

  spuds 22:54 22 Aug 2007

Over the last few days I have been playing around with Firefox. Ticked and unticked a few items. Think that I have now sussed most things out.

Thanks everyone, your help and suggestions was very much appreciated.

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