Firefox java problem

  willo500 10:22 02 May 2006


I use Firefox. I have the latest version and run it with no problems but I cannot seem to use web pages which require Java.

I hzve downloaded it from the Sun pages and it seems to download to my pc and then when I try to use the webpages which need it nothing happens. It invites me to dowload Java again but when I try a message comes up saying I already have this on my pc.

IE works fine on java pages so I am assuming it has installed onto IE and just needs to be added as a plug in to Firefox.

Can anyone tell me how to do this please?



  johndrew 10:34 02 May 2006

If you have applied the `No Script` add-on you will need to click on the icon in the lower taskbar rhs and select the level of permission for the site.

I can think of nothing else, perhaps those more knowledgeable will have other ideas.

  willo500 16:08 02 May 2006

Hmm No I haven't done that so I am still a bit puzzled.


  remind 16:15 02 May 2006

In Firefox, Tools/Options/Content - is Enable Java ticked?

  willo500 16:26 02 May 2006

In Tools options Web features, both enable java and enable java script are ticked

  remind 16:29 02 May 2006

Longwinded approach; download sun java offline install click here, shut down all browsers, un-install current sun java, reboot, install file you just downloaded.

  willo500 17:11 02 May 2006


I have checked this out and it seems that only the website click here fails to load the java properly in firefox. In IE it is fine and in Firefox in other sites it works well too. Seems this site is not up to scratch for Firefox users.

I also downloaded the latest version of Firefox and now find it difficult to see which plug ins I have installed. Can anyone tell me how to do this?

Anyway thanks for your help,


  remind 18:40 02 May 2006

That site works fine in Firefox for me.
Don't know about checking for installed plugins - maybe there's an extension for it. Otherwise go to Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\plugins\ with Explorer. Some of them are .dll files so hard to tell what they do but Flash, Shockwave and Quicktime are listed on my machine.

  g40 20:18 02 May 2006
  dagwoood 02:15 03 May 2006

If you type about:plugins in the address bar and press return, you'll get a list of all the plugins installed for FF.

As an aside, I've found Java to be problematic with the later builds of FF. If I access a site that uses Java, close FF and open Task Manager, FF is still running and I have to kill the process.


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