Firefox and java

  bemuzed 19:35 16 Jul 2005

I've been using Firefox for a while and was pleased, but then it started crashing. This coincided with a message bar at the top telling me some java scripts were blocked. Now a page tells me I have Java scrit diabled, but under Tools, Options I see I have ticks telling me it is enabled. Any ideas please on how I can get Firefox workign again?

  octal 19:55 16 Jul 2005

Have installed any extensions recently?

  bemuzed 07:54 17 Jul 2005

yes. Do you think these could be causing the problem

  octal 09:11 17 Jul 2005

They could of corrupted your profile. I might be best to delete the Firefox profile folder and start again, this site shows you how click here back up your bookmarks first otherwise you will loose them when you delete the profile folder, you will loose all the extensions, so make a note of which ones you've installed so they can be re-installed.

After you've deleted the profile folder start Firefox, it will look for the profile folder, which of course has been deleted so it will ask you to create another one.

I future when you've got Firefox working the way you want its worth backing up the profile folder so any extension you install and they start giving problems you'll have a fallback, again that link I gave explains all.

Good luck.

  bemuzed 12:36 17 Jul 2005

Thanks. i found the problem was the "Noscript" extension which blocks java scripts unless you add the site to a white list. So I can see a message bloking java scripts but even after i add a site to my white list Firefox crashes, but allows the site next site I load Firefox. A bit of a tedious way to add sites so I deleted the extension.

  SEASHANTY 13:50 17 Jul 2005

That is also the reason I have not added this extension myself. Too much hassle sorting out allowed sites.

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