firefox and IE6

  swapper 21:34 09 Jul 2007

At the moment I am using IE6, if I download/install firefox, can I swop between the two easily enough just to see how I get on with Firefox?
If so, how do I set the the two browsers to work as required?


  anskyber 21:37 09 Jul 2007

Yes you can. just launch the one you wish to use by double clicking on the desktop icon.

  skidzy 21:41 09 Jul 2007

Or both at the same time,several of us here use both.

  Stuartli 21:49 09 Jul 2007

As with skidzy, I use both as necessary (Firefox for 95 per cent of the time).

  interzone55 21:53 09 Jul 2007

A useful extension to Firefox is IEtab, this allows you to view pages that only work in IE within Firefox.

Pages that only render in IE are getting fewer, but there's still the odd one around

  swapper 22:01 09 Jul 2007

Thank you all for the very swift response, just what I wanted to know.

  Stuartli 23:18 09 Jul 2007

Actually I have IE tab installed, but rarely use it - it's habit to open IE itself if required.

  skidzy 23:33 09 Jul 2007

Snap :-))

Though i should use the IE tab more really.

  swapper 22:34 12 Jul 2007

Thanks again, I will have a look at IE tab.

  skidzy 22:40 12 Jul 2007

IEtab click here

  swapper 18:34 14 Jul 2007

skidzy, thanks for that link, exellent result.

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