Firefox - How do I open a page in current tab?

  Radix Lecti 20:44 11 Jan 2006

Hi all, should be a simple one.

If I'm on a webpage and want to open an additional one, I can simply go to the address bar on the page I'm currently viewing and enter the new page's address and a new tab will be openned.

Problem is, I don't want this to happen. I want the new page to replace the current page.

What do I need to change in Firefox, or the Tab Mix Plus extension to make this so?

  octal 21:36 11 Jan 2006

I have just tried it, if you are using Firefox 1.5 go to Preferences and click on the Tabbed Browsing button and where it says Load Browser Links into a: click on the drop down menu and select Current Tab, that will open the page in the current window when you type the address in the address field, I think that's what you want.

  Stuartli 22:02 11 Jan 2006

>>I can simply go to the address bar on the page I'm currently viewing and enter the new page's address and a new tab will be opened>>

I would find this annoying as I would want to just go to the new choice. If I want to open another web page I right click on the tab bar and choose New Tab (or Close Tab if appropriate) and retain the website already open.

  PC Bilbo 22:10 11 Jan 2006

I use F.F. & do what Stuartli says.It's easiest way.

  Radix Lecti 22:46 11 Jan 2006

Erm, but I don't want to do that. I don't have to conform do I?

  dogbreath1 08:24 12 Jan 2006

For bookmarked items, right click on the bookmark and left click on the top option 'open'. This launches the new page within the existing tab.

The other options available via this context menu are 'open in new window' and 'open in new tab'.

  Radix Lecti 09:01 12 Jan 2006

I'm not looking for a solution with regards to bookmarks. Just addresses I'm typing in myself.

It works as I wish in Opera, and would have thought Firefox could be configured the same.

  octal 09:26 12 Jan 2006

In Preferences, click on the User interface tab and take the tick out of URL's in the address bar, here is a screen shot: click here

  Stuartli 11:52 12 Jan 2006

Of course not...:-)

But if I want to develop a current page further, such as go to a link it contains, it makes more sense for me to open a new tab(s) and retain the original.

  Radix Lecti 12:00 12 Jan 2006

Yes, I do that, however when I have a page I no longer need, and a page I want to visit, then I simply want to 'overwrite' the current page.

  Radix Lecti 12:03 12 Jan 2006

octal, when I go to Firefox option, I see this...

click here

Running FF v1.5

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