Firefox "hogs" the connection

  TAXIDERMIST 05:59 05 Oct 2005

I am running firefox with a broadband connection. In recent times it says it getting messages and then just sticks in that mode. Further, this seemingly fruitless search just seems to hog all the connection, No other applications can access it. IE cannot find page etc. Even if I exit firefox the problem persists and I have to restart the PC to get the connection back. Any ideas please?

  octal 06:24 05 Oct 2005

A couple of questions, has this only just started happening? If it has, have you recently installed any new extensions?

  TAXIDERMIST 14:18 05 Oct 2005

Hi Octal.
No, I installed the calendar extension when I installed the program. It worked just fine for months. I haven't seriously reconfigured anything on my system that I know of, certainly installed no freeware or anything like that. I dont know where to look for an answer. Can find nothing about this on the Mozilla site.

  octal 15:23 05 Oct 2005

It is possible your profile folder might be corrupted. This site tells you how to manage that click here

I usually save my Bookmarks, then delete the profile folder. Then restart Firefox and it will open a new profile, then import the Bookmarks back again. You will have to re-install any extensions you had installed, but I don't find that much of a problem.

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