Firefox Has Done It Again.....!

  hawthorn59 17:42 03 Oct 2007

Only a week or 10 days since I posted with this problem, once again when I open Firefox, Ive lost all my tabbed pages. Why does it keep doing this? I have it set properly, ie to keep the tabs open. I just cant figure it, I got this page on startup:

click here

Am I being hijacked or should I just use Opera?


  SANTOS7 18:42 03 Oct 2007

click here

Could be ,the link may help...

  exodus 19:38 03 Oct 2007

Hi, previous post from thehill relating to this.
click here

You never did answer my question on that post.
[b]What method are you using to save your tabs?[/b]


  SANTOS7 19:41 03 Oct 2007

As you seemed to have resolved this issue by getting rid of firefox you need to tick both threads...

  hawthorn59 02:58 04 Oct 2007

Well, no, Im still using firefox. Theres a thing or two i dont like about Opera!

Heres how I operate tabs:

I generally keep 5-10 tabs open all the time, and like to have them there when I start up next time. To do this I simply go to Tools>Options>Main>and select "When Firefox starts" ; "Show windows and tabs from last time".

And it works most of the time, but about 4-5 times in the last year, when firefox opened, it didnt work. (Including 2 weeks ago and today)


  hastelloy 09:41 04 Oct 2007

Is it possible that you've had only this page open (ie from a link) when you closed Firefox. If so it would "Show windows and tabs from last time" which is only this page.

  [email protected] 11:03 04 Oct 2007

once you have the page and tabs open that you want to start each time firefox opens.go to..
tools>options>main>start up>show my homepage>use current pages
this will set them as your homepage

  hawthorn59 12:12 04 Oct 2007

Thank you all for your help but there doesnt seem to be a resolution to this. I think its a bug in Firefox.

I dont think history affects it; I had 4 tabs open last night and they are still there today, despite history set to 0. It just happens at random, or at least if theres another common factor I cant see it.



  [email protected] 12:56 04 Oct 2007

"Thank you all for your help but there doesnt seem to be a resolution to this. I think its a bug in Firefox"

Try the homepage method,least you can officially rule it out if its not a resolution.

It will set the current page and tabs as your home pages

i didnt specify that from
tools>options>main>start up>from drop down select show my homepage>select use current pages.

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