Firefox extensions problem

  NickyK 14:20 02 Sep 2006

I am running Firefox 5 on Windows XP SP2. Recently, my extensions (e.g.: Flashgot) vanished and I cannot for the life of me succeed in reinstalling them. Any ideas would be welcome.

  skidzy 14:45 02 Sep 2006

Nicky,Firefox 5 ?

Fogive my ignorance,but Firefox has only just released the Firefox 2.0 Beta2 version.Did you mean version 1.5 ?

This may help you taken from click here

Important notice!

Do not tell us or others that "FlashGot doesn't work" if you have no download manager installed or, worse, if you don't know what a download manager is. If it is not clear enough, let's put it in bold letters: in order to use this extension, YOU REALLY NEED AN EXTERNAL DOWNLOAD MANAGER (pick yours in the dozen listed above).
FlashGot was born only to integrate Firefox with external download manager programs: it's quite logical that if you have no one installed, FlashGot won't work!

Hope this helps.

  Diodorus Siculus 14:47 02 Sep 2006

Try system restore if it's not too long ago...

  NickyK 14:53 02 Sep 2006

Oops. Yes, skidzy, I meant 1.5 - silly typo. Can't do a system restore. Tried, but none of the points work. I get a "cannot restore to" message".

  NickyK 14:56 02 Sep 2006

Oh, and by the way, Flash Got worked perfectly with Well Get installed when using Firefox, but my extensions have all disappeared (Well Get is still installed on my system).

  skidzy 15:02 02 Sep 2006

Have you tried reinstalling Wellget or maybe try another download manager,
Wellget 1.25 click here

  NickyK 15:03 02 Sep 2006

I'll try reinstalling that, but it's not just Flash Got that's gone and won't reinstall. Down'em all won't either. In fact, no extensions will installl. They did before.

  skidzy 15:18 02 Sep 2006

Are you sure your AV or Firewall isnt blocking the downloads or installations.

Can you verify if you can download but not install please.

  NickyK 15:29 02 Sep 2006

The downloads work fine, but when I try and install nothing happens. The installation window in Firefox/Tools/Extensions remains blank and dead. I have tried various methods.

  NickyK 15:30 02 Sep 2006

I even reinstalled Firefox last night, and checked all the approrpiate setting in Control Panel/Internet Options.

  NickyK 15:39 02 Sep 2006

Well Get works fine on AOL.

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