Firefox can't print my emails

  stlucia 12:18 12 Jul 2009

This problem has persisted for a long while, but I've only just decided to try and do something about it.

I use Madasafish webmail, and I can't print any of my emails when I access the account using Firefox. All that prints is a single line at the top of the page saying "Madasafish WebMail" and "click here .... etc."

Madasafish's helpline can only suggest cutting and pasting the email content into Word, or using a different browser. I tried IE7 and it works okay, but as Firefox is my default, I would like to be able to print using that.

Any suggestions, please?

  octal 12:53 12 Jul 2009

Try this; open FireFox in the location bar type about:config
scroll down to


Right-click it and select Reset
restart FireFox

  stlucia 19:55 12 Jul 2009

OK, I've done that, octal, and no change.

What I forgot to mention is I was only letting it print Page 1 in the print dialogue box. If I let it print all pages it prints one line on Page 1, as I described in my first post, but then goes on to print the first page of the email on Page 2. On Page 3 it then prints a blank page with page number, date, and time at the bottom. And that's it, even if all the email hadn't fitted on Page 2.

  octal 20:00 12 Jul 2009

Ah, that's interesting, what does Print Preview look like?

  stlucia 07:59 13 Jul 2009

Print Preview shows it just like it prints.

  beynac 09:09 13 Jul 2009

Select the text of the email and then click on 'File' then 'Print' on the top menu. Select 'Selection' in the 'Print range'.

  accordion 09:30 13 Jul 2009

Why are you using the web mail service when you could use your email program to collect your mail:


* Your e-mail Address is: [email protected] or [email protected]
* Outgoing (SMTP) Mail server:
* Incoming (POP3) Mail Server:
* Your POP3 Login: [email protected]

No printing problems and much easier to do.


  stlucia 10:44 13 Jul 2009

beynac, yes that works, except that it prints too large so I have to use landscape format (there's no fit-to-page option in the menu); but I shouldn't have to do that when there's a Print button there on the page.

I've just "discovered" Firefox's online forum and, searching through there, it seems that this is a well-known bug in Firefox, and Print>Selection is the only way to do it. If it's a well-known bug, I'm surprised it hasn't been fixed yet.

accordion, I presume by "your email program" you mean Outlook Express or something similar? At the moment I don't have OE, or any other email program, on my PC because I use AOL software for my AOL emails, and simply log on to Madasafish's webmail site for my Madasafish emails. So OE (or similar) would be able to "fetch" my emails from Madasafish, and store them on my PC, without me having to use Madasafish's own interface? That sounds nice, because I used to use OE at work and I like its features.

  accordion 10:48 13 Jul 2009

If you have Windows, you have an email program. Either OE or Windows Mail.

If you really don't have any email client, you can always download Windows Live Mail. Works similar to OE with the added advantage that you can use it to download Hotmail messages as if they were POP3. (It might even download your AOL messages .....)


  stlucia 11:21 13 Jul 2009

OK, I've found OE and put a shortcut on my desktop. So I'll play with those settings you gave me, and see how it goes. Thanks.

  stlucia 11:52 13 Jul 2009

That's great, thanks. I had to use "" as the incoming and outgoing servers, which is what it was when I signed up, but it seem to work fine. I've just downloaded all my recent emails, so now I can file them properly by creating extra folders ;-)

Only one other question: I've set "[email protected]" as the address to use, but in reality people can send me email by using any prefix in front of the @mydomainname bit. How do I cover that, please, so that all emails will be covered by the one account?

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