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  tonyx1302 09:14 24 Feb 2014

Good morning. I have used Firefox browser successfully for a long time and it is up to date.In the past when loading a tab it always loaded with a + sign beside it allow me to keep the current tab and open another. This facility has suddenly stopp ie no + on the tab. Can someone please tell me how to get the + back ?

Thank you Tony

  rdave13 09:50 24 Feb 2014

Check that the + sign isn't on the extreme left in the tabs bar. If it is then right click the tabs bar and select customise and drag the + to the right of the bar and click ok. If totally missing then go to customise again and drag the new tab icon to the right of the tab bar.

  tonyx1302 10:00 24 Feb 2014

Thank you Jock1e & rdave13. I have checked and I have the latest update and a I cannot find the + at the end of tabs bar. Any further thoughts please


  rdave13 10:11 24 Feb 2014

Is it in the customise window?

  tonyx1302 10:37 24 Feb 2014

Thank you, problem solved. I restored the default set.

  tonyx1302 12:46 24 Feb 2014

Sorry to have been a bit short with my response rdave13 & Jock1e but had a bit of a problem at home. All sorted now.

I solved it by.......I went to Customize Toolbar and clicked on Restore default set and the + appeared again

How I solved it Thank you for your help again


  tonyx1302 14:44 24 Feb 2014

bump ^

  Woolwell 14:57 24 Feb 2014

Why are you bumping it up? Is it not sorted?

  tonyx1302 16:10 24 Feb 2014

To be sure that rdave13/Jock1e saw my post and the solution before I 'green tick' my post


  Woolwell 16:56 24 Feb 2014

They'll see it through My Posts.

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