firefox bookmark another problem

  brigtoo 12:02 05 Jan 2006

i lost all bookmarks, but this forum pointed me to a solution, the present problem is when i try to bookmark a new site i dont get the complete drop down list to choose from, only 4 are listed. i use to click the arrow to the right of the list window and this opened the complete list.
it must be obvious that im a complete novice with p.c.s

  brigtoo 12:07 05 Jan 2006

after further investigation i have found that the "bookmark this page" function wont work at all. any solutions

  octal 12:36 05 Jan 2006

I'll try and explain.

When Firefox installs, it also installs what they call a profile folder, this site shows the location of it click here have a look in there for a file called bookmarks.html, then back it up somewhere where you can find it again.

Probably the profile folder has got corrupted somehow, so after you've backed up your bookmarks you can delete the folder. Now you can either re-start Firefox, in which case it will ask you to create a new profile because it can't find the old one, or remove firefox alltogether and re-install it. Then go back to manage bookmarks and re-import them from the location where you backed them up to.

  Hamish 13:52 05 Jan 2006

I suggested this link click here in your previous post but I do not know if you tried it as you never tick that post as resolved. It still may help. If you solove your problem please let us know how as it may help others

  brigtoo 14:34 05 Jan 2006

i didnt use that method as i have only a very basic comprehension of how it all works. i used the copy and paste to desktop method, as i understood this. i dont even know if its ok to delete the copy of my bookmarks from the desk top, after using it.
i do tick the resolved box but it never shows on the helproom main page.
i again thank you all for the help.

  Hamish 14:49 05 Jan 2006

The information which octal is correct and if you print out the information in my link it should help you solve the problem. And as stated by octal after the backup of your bookmarks uninstall and reinstall Firefox. Hope this helps

  octal 15:40 05 Jan 2006

Just to help you tick a resolved post, it is a two action process. Either tick the post without posting anything, you'll find the post will be ticked. Or enter something then click the Post Response button, then go back and tick resolved.

Unfortunatly you can't post and tick at the same time, the tick always vanishes.

Let us know how you get on.

  brigtoo 20:15 05 Jan 2006

have tried both methods, neither seem to work

  octal 21:23 05 Jan 2006

I think I know what the problem is now after carefully reading your first post. When you go to "Bookmark this page" a window opens, in the window there are two buttons, clicking on the first one gives you a drop down list of only a few folders, like this screenshot:
click here

Just to the right of that button there is another one and when you click on that one gives you the complete list like this screenshot:
click here
which is the one you want.

Does that help?

  brigtoo 15:50 07 Jan 2006

you are basically correct, the inner button drops down a short list which includes "bookmark" and "bookmarks folder toolbar" and three other bookmarks, the outer button simply brings " new folder" to the left of the "ok" button. if i open the short list, click on the "bookmark" entry, and then use the outer button i get the full list which includes two "bookmarks toolbar folder" listed, but if i click on "bookmarks toolbar folder" in the short list, then the outer button, i get a shortened list, the entries above the two "bookmarks toolbar folder" missing.i have tried to remove these
folders in manage bookmarks but the delete button goes grey. i hope this is all understandable. it may be, i have to live wih it.

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